Lee Business School Student Organizations

The Lee Business School encourages you to become actively involved in some of the many clubs and organizations affiliated with the College. Joining a student organization gives you opportunities to expand and enhance your overall educational experience, improve your social life, gain self-confidence, acquire leadership skills and learn how to function as a member of a group or a team. You'll meet other students with similar interests and have opportunities to work with faculty mentors and business leaders in your community.

Getting involved in student organizations can be one of the greatest, most rewarding experiences you will have while you are in college. Get involved, get connected and take advantage of all the opportunities available to active club members.

Check out the various student organizations offered and get involved!

1St Generation Club — UNLV1GC

American Marketing Association — AMA

Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)

Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS)

Collegiate DECA

Economics Club

Students interested in the field of Economics.

Advisor: Brad Wimmer, BEH 511


Financial Management Association — FMA

International Ambassadors

Advisor: Dana Angioni, BEH 101


International Business Club — IBC

Advisor: Melvin Jameson, BEH 520


Lee Business School Ambassadors

Advisor: Dana Angioni, BEH 101


Management Information Systems Society — MISS

UNLV Student Organizations