Medallion Program Logo
  1. Speaker Series
    • Attend 4 Medallion Sponsored Speakers
  2. Career Preparation & Networking
    • Attend 4 Medallion Sponsored Career or Networking Events
  3. Faculty Engagement
    • Meet with a Lee Business School academic faculty member at least once during their office hours to discuss a topic that goes beyond talking about the course
  4. Internship/Employment/Research Experience
    • Internship (credit or non-credit) OR
    • Part-time or full-time employment (International students may use job shadowing to complete this requirement) OR
    • Research Experience through the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) by participating in the poster presentation at the Undergraduate Research Conference
  5. Citizenship
    • Participate in a volunteer activity once in the community AND
    • Be a contributing member of a UNLV student organization for at least one semester