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Global Entrepreneurship Experience

A three-year immersive program open to all UNLV students

Create. Innovate. Lead.
Are you passionate about entrepreneurship and eager to transform your ideas into tangible reality? Are you seeking to broaden your horizons and witness the global business landscape, where innovative decisions shape a brighter future? UNLV’s Global Entrepreneurship Experience (GEE) students refine their knowledge of entrepreneurship and explore the dynamic world of businesses through the three-year cohort-style program.

GEE stimulates creativity and innovation, emphasizes strategic thinking, and promotes leadership and team-building. Participants of the program earn a minor in entrepreneurship and receive scholarships for program credit hours which means the minor is free for GEE students. Also, each cohort takes a trip abroad to learn about business practices in a different country.

Students who thrive in the GEE program are motivated individuals interested in learning more about their world and developing solutions to make it a better place. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply.

Application Process
Only 20 students are chosen to enter the program each fall semester. Students in any major are considered for the program.

To apply you must:
Submit the FAFSA or Alternative Need Determination Form
Complete the Global Entrepreneurship Experience Application

Your GEE Application includes:
Essay of Interest
One letter of Recommendation (submitted by email separate from application)

The GEE Program

GEE Students in Action

Students in the GEE excel in and outside of the classroom. Our students are active across campus from student organizations like the Rebel Venture Fund to actively participating in student government. They waste time getting involved and this is a running theme that shows up in their lives after they graduated. The stories below capture our students, and the success they have found through resilience and determination.

The stories below capture our students, and the success they have found through resilience and determination.

GEE Travels Abroad

Every summer a cohort of GEE students grab their passports and prepare for an international adventure that is a culmination of what they have learned in the program. GEE students have traveled to Costa Rica, Panama, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Peru, Chile, and Cuba. The trips usually include sightseeing and business visits to give students a better understanding of the local economy, culture, and business practices.

Read below some of the travel blogs written by students during some of the recent GEE trips.

Cohort 9: International Trip to Peru

 Cohort 10 and 11: International Trip to Italy

Cohort 12: International Trip to Chile

Directory Information

Janet Runge

Enrichment Coordinator, Entrepreneurial Programs
Office: BEH 312
Mail Code: 6024