Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation are critical to entrepreneurship, therefore part of this year's experiences will be devoted to helping you develop and enhance your creative abilities. You will be asked to put a variety of techniques to work throughout the session. There are hundreds of ways to foster creative thinking and problem-solving skills listed at the following websites:

Each week, students will select one creativity-enhancing tool to explore, after which they will write a review of that technique explaining how they applied it and reflect on its possible applications in various settings.


  • Fine Arts
  • Engineering
  • Sciences
  • Marketing
  • Etc.


  • Semester 1
    Film It!: Choose a word and make a five-minute video presenting that word
    Design a Page: Creative web-design project
  • Semester 2
    Innovation Tournament – Use an assigned, everyday object to create as much value as possible.

Creativity Lab

  • Improv Solo semester1, Teams semester 2
  • Egg Drop
  • WSJ Poetry
  • Etc.


  • Field Trip Silicon Valley
  • Idea Pitch Competition
  • Clubs (e.g. CEO, SIFE)


  • Improv Show
  • Film Screening


Students will be expected to journal, reflecting on what they have learned, and understand how that knowledge has impacted their beliefs, attitudes and personal development.


Students will become familiar with Web 2.0 applications, including Facebook and Twitter. Peer-to-peer networks create a medium for peers to get in touch with one another and to teach one another in conjunction with interaction and instruction from faculty, speakers, and mentors. The goal of these networks is to generate and support a community that extends beyond the original scope of the program. This continued interaction serves the ideal of a continuing education well beyond the constraints of any one course.


The scholars program will create opportunities for students that will allow them to gain valuable experience, develop leadership and problem-solving skills, meet community and business leaders, and create powerful relationships to build upon in the future.


Students will create and maintain a professional ePortfolio. The ePortfolio will showcase the breadth and depth of student knowledge and provides evidence of personal and professional accomplishments. This ePortfolio will allow students to:

  • Showcase scholarly work and other documents in a wide range of formats
  • Demonstrate connections between learning experiences
  • Document awareness and achievement of skill sets, as well as identify gaps in these skills
  • Receive feedback from faculty, mentors, peers
  • Develop and share resumes
  • Store and share files and objects
  • Use email, blog, wiki, and other communication and collaboration tools
  • Create and participate in professional collaboration groups
  • Produce a personal ePortfolio Web site with profile, photos and video
  • Engage in professional and social networking