William Jordan Jr.
Jul. 11, 2023


Originally from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, William Jordan Jr. grew up in a family of singers. He grew up with a heavy influence of Gospel music and Blues. Though he loved to sing, younger William never really saw himself as a professional singer. He graduated from Murray State University with a degree in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies, believing he was going to be an attorney instead.
After graduating, William lived most of his adult life in California. It wasn’t until he moved to Las Vegas 7 years ago, in order to be closer to his two boys, where he started to sing around the city and getting noticed by the public. Before he knew it, he was reaching opportunities he would have never expected. Groups started to ask him to sing with them, he started to travel and meet some of the artists he’s looked up to for years. 
With his passion for music and performing, William hopes that his audience gains the same emotion he feels when he is up on stage and makes them feel love. He hopes to do what entertainers do best and that is give people a break, help them escape from the hardships in life through music. 
William is now performing gigs all over the city, in other states, even out of the country as an award winning R&B singer and vocalist. He mainly performs cover songs, but also has his own creative mind that allows him to write and perform his own pieces. William is grateful for reaching so much success within time. In fact, he had just recently been voted Las Vegas’ Entertainer of the Year by the Black Music Association. He is faithful in awaiting more great things to come for him and his career. Whether it is by himself or alongside others on stage, William has grown into the artist he is today and plans to continue growing in his success.