Bad Bunny on stage at his February 2024.
Bad Bunny on stage at his February 2024.
Feb. 27, 2024


by Maicyn Udani
Bad Bunny brought the Puerto Rican flavor to Las Vegas on Friday night at the T-Mobile Arena during his “Most Wanted Tour.” Known for being the “King of Latin Trap,” he came to showcase and promote his newest album Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana. This album, unlike his recent one, Un Verano Sin Ti, really leaned back into his early days in trap music. This new album presented an audacious side of Bad Bunny where he chose to remind everyone of his success despite the challenges of fame and criticism along the way. This tour was a chance to enhance that side of him only more. 
This concert was truly unlike any other show I have attended before. Bad Bunny himself brought an adept stage presence as a performer. I’ve observed that sometimes it can be difficult for solo artists to be successful in live performances without backup singers or dancers. Benito was accompanied by his dancers throughout some songs, but truthfully he didn’t need to rely on them to bring the performance to life. My opinion on this matter could also have been supported by the blinding neon light shows he had going on, and the extremely loud bass that vibrated from my brain through all the way down to my toes. That, and at one point he entered the stage after an intermission on a horse. A literal, living, breathing horse. He also successfully made sure to utilize the mechanics of the stage. At one point he had jumped onto a moving platform that elevated him so that those in higher seats could try to catch a better glimpse. It brought better abstract visuals too. Overall, Benito’s confidence carried the show. 
Though the show was enjoyable, I felt completely out of place. Prior to seeing him live, I never listened to much Bad Bunny, only the hits that would go viral here and there. Plus, I don’t speak Spanish fluently. Everyone around me seemed to be the opposite. Only being the second night on the list for the “Most Wanted Tour,” fans set the standards high. I had never heard a crowd louder at a concert than I did at Bad Bunny’s. It makes sense why Vegas got two nights with him instead of just one. However, considering my Spanish speaking and comprehension skills only go as far as the basics, I didn’t need to fully understand everything Bad Bunny was singing or rapping to enjoy the show and the music. It was a fine experience that I would pay to see again.