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UNLV Magazine

Spring 2010
Volume 18 Issue 1
A tough economy doesn't stop UNLV from reaching its extraordinary goal of raising a half billion dollars.
A remarkable collection of contemporary art finds a home in UNLV's Beam Museum of Fine Art.
Man welding up on a pole
UNLV fall-prevention and safety training program targets the local construction workforce and Latino workers, a group that suffers disproportionately from workplace injury and death.
UNLV therapists reach out to help community members cope with Nevada's all-time high unemployment rate.
UNLV alumnus lands a job after attending a UNLV Career Services support session.
The Alumni Association is increasing financial assistance for both undergraduate and graduate students.
Just a few days after accepting the athletic director position, Jim Livengood checked a huge item off his to-do list. Livengood selected Bobby Hauck as our 10th head football coach. UNLV Magazine sat down with both to discuss their first impressions.
Tarkainian stands with the Runnin' Rebels
If you’re past a certain age, you remember when the Runnin’ Rebels won the 1990 NCAA Basketball Championship. This season, UNLV celebrated the 20th anniversary of that stunning tournament. But the Rebels also have had plenty of miracle moments in other sports.
When alumnus Jim Holland finished his thesis, "climate change" was far from being coined. Thirty years later, the work has been dusted off to help researchers predict the evolution of Southern Nevada's desert ecosystem.
The UNLV Baby and Child Rebel Lab researches why babies stereotype and how stereotyping can be curbed before children reach adulthood.
An interview with economics professor Keith Schwer, who died Dec. 3 at age 66. National media outlets and local business leaders often called Schwer first for insight on the community's robust growth and dramatic downturn over the last two decades. One of his greater accomplishments, however, was helping to give voice to Nevada's children.
The new Engelstad Scholars program makes community service integral to the college experience.
With the sounds and smells of a hospital assaulting their senses, nursing students learn from their mistakes in advanced training facility.
Jon Cobain, the first Rebel to cross the stage at commencement, went on to head his own mergers and acquisitions firm. He's shared his success with his alma mater and now challenges all the grads who followed him to reinvest in education.
Cindy Ortega poses for camera
Alumna Cindy Ortega has an unlikely background for someone who just helped open a multibillion dollar resort dedicated to the massaging and feeding of tourists. And at first blush, it seems more unlikely still that her specific job is making such a behemoth environmentally "small."
Alumnus Jay Jacquemoud shows his Rebel spirit with a tribute car in scarlet and gray.
Claire Schreiner and Emily Anne Miller will be among the women competing for the Miss USA crown this year.
Student walking through garden
Nestled in the center of campus is a peaceful retreat for visitors. The garden's plants are a showcase for the beauty that thrives in arid climates.
What have your fellow UNLV graduates been up to? Read about their latest accomplishments.