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UNLV Magazine

Fall 2019
Vol. 27, No. 2
A professor and a student work to bangage the leg of a second student.
For UNLV’S Healthcare Interior Design students, a major shift in population will prove the impetus for how architecture will function in the 21st century.
A man in a greay suit and a woman in a black jacket stare at each other across a table.
Boyd’s Health Law concentration feeding a high-demand area that will only have more, and more complex needs, as more doctors start to work in the state.
A man in a labcoat is reflected in nearby glass.
Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health neurologist Dr. Jeffrey Cummings joins UNLV to help launch new program that will be crucial for an aging state population.
A chef raises a cleaver to chop and onion and broccoli.
These faculty members aren't just accomplished in their academic fields. They all have one thing in common: success in the hobbies they're passionate about.
A man walks through weeds
UNLV’s reintroduction effort keeps leopard frog species off the endangered list.
A man rests his palm on his face in front of a whiteboard with equations
Physics professor Michael Pravica's work on useful hard X-ray photochemistry could reveal novel materials — and possibly an explanation for the origin of life on Earth.