Fully online courses at UNLV deliver all instruction, discussion, and learning activities entirely online via a learning management system such as Blackboard, Canvas, or Kannu. They may be developed for an individual course or as a master course.

Why You Should Develop an Online Course

Online courses developed with the Office of Online Education provide an engaging and effective learning experience for students by utilizing a variety of media to deliver instruction and provide opportunities for practice. In addition:

  • Class and/or group discussions may be held online.
  • Assignments are distributed and collected online.
  • Assessment of student learning takes place online.

The majority of our fully online classes are offered asynchronously. However, some UNLV online classes may require a face-to-face organizational meeting. Other courses may have some instructional activities that require students to meet at a specific time and date online. In some instances, instructors may want high-stakes assessment to occur under the supervision of a proctor. The course development team members collaborate to determine the best options for each individual course.

In MyUNLV, courses that are fully online are listed as "web-based" (WB) in the mode of instruction. In some courses, there may be a requirement to attend an organizational meeting on campus or to "meet" at a specific time and date online. For these courses, the mode of instruction is listed in MyUNLV as "web-based w/ on/off campus mtg" (WM).

Develop a Fully Online Course

If you are interested in working with the Office of Online Education to develop an online course, please review our course development process and request a course consultation meeting.

Current Online Courses

For a list of online and hybrid courses offered by term, visit MyUNLV or view our online and hybrid course list.