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The Office of Online Education can assist your department with the development of fully online programs. Our resources and expertise in program development, project management, and strategic planning help academic departments at UNLV build the capacity to offer a logical sequence of top-tier online, hybrid, and agile courses across the curriculum.

Online Education can help departments/colleges look at the bigger picture to plan out how to design not just individual classes, but entire programs. We can help your department think about the project management aspects of developing an online program:

  • Strategically planning for new curriculum development with consideration for the program's learning objectives as well as those for each course.
  • Ensuring that courses are offered in a sequence optimized for enrollment and recruitment.
  • Developing comprehensive and consistent branding and design for use throughout your program's courses.

Current Online Programs

For a list of online programs offered at UNLV, please view our online programs list.

Interested in Developing an Online Program?

We recommend that you begin by speaking with your department head or chairperson. Once your department or college's usual procedures are followed, your dean or their delegate works with the director of online education to initiate the process of working with us to develop an online program.