First Steps: Planning Ahead

1. Schedule the class

Work with your department chairperson and scheduler to ensure the class is listed in MyUNLV as web-based (WB), web-based w/ on/off campus meeting (WM), or hybrid (HY).

2. Are there proctored exams?

Let the person who handles course scheduling in your department know that they need to include the proctoring note in MyUNLV for your course. See our Academic Integrity Best Practices for additional information.

3. Books

If the course requires a textbook, make sure the bookstore is carrying the correct book online and at the brick-and-mortar store on campus. If appropriate, place books on reserve at the library.

Where do I begin…

If I am teaching online for the first time?

For instructors teaching online for the first time, review our best practices and consider participating in our professional development workshops. We also recommend that you check out our Learn Online website for an overview of the resources available to online students. The preflight checklist will help you plan and prepare your course shell for the start of the semester.

If I am assigned to teach an online course just before the start of the semester?

First, we recommend that you check with your department regarding previous iterations of the online course. The Office of Informational Technology (OIT)'s open labs can help you learn how to quickly set up your course in WebCampus.

Additionally, the Office of Online Education provides a template course shell for online courses in the Commons. The template serves as a starting point when building a course in Canvas. It provides a modular/weekly structure and includes other notes about best practices for building your online class in WebCampus. Our 'Office of Online Education Course Template' tip sheet provides instructions for copying the template to your Canvas course shell.

If I am not familiar with WebCampus: Canvas?

The Office of Informational Technology (OIT) provides open labs, workshops, and tip sheets for instructors who need training or support for WebCampus.

If I want to develop a new online or hybrid class?

To develop an new online or hybrid class please visit our course development page for an overview of our course development processes and the services we provide.

Preparing for the Semester

Online Courses "Preflight" Checklist

Once your online or hybrid class has been developed, please feel free to use this preflight checklist before the start of the semester to double check that it is “ready for take-off.”

WebCampus: Canvas

The Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) provides a number of resources for using WebCampus Canvas, including a start of semester checklist for instructors.