Pre-Professional Wellness Club

Our organization is motivated to promote self-care and effective study habits as a means to prevent student burnout. Our goal is to encourage a healthy student-life balance by fostering a supportive learning environment that is essential to academic success. By incorporating social and recreational activities, we hope to introduce students to feasible stress management and self-care strategies.

Our organization is geared toward helping undergraduate students interested in applying to professional schools. We understand that the life of a pre-professional student can be demanding and overwhelming. Our hope is to help students discover the importance of wellness in order to help them during their undergraduate years and in their future professional careers.

Join us for:

  • Group Study Sessions
  • Guided Meditations
  • Cooking Tutorials
  • Yoga
  • Pre-professional development
Pre-Professional Wellness Club logo of flowers with green foliage.

Active Minds

The goal of Active Minds is to spread a positive message about mental health issues, and reduce the negative stigma that accompanies them.

One in four people will experience mental health issues in their life, and a majority will refuse to seek treatment due to the negative stigma surrounding mental health. We believe it is important to promote healthy conversations about mental health, help early prevention, encourage help seeking behaviors, and promote hope for those who have been diagnosed.

Active Minds hosts socials and on-campus events aimed at reducing stigma and promoting mental wellness.

A table for active minds with a representative holding up a Rebel Wellness Zone bag.