Student Organizations

Do you have a passion for wellness? Join one of our registered student organizations today.

Healthy Rebels

What Do the Healthy Rebels Do?

The Healthy Rebels are a student-run organization that acts as a bridge between the student population and health promotion services. We act as ambassadors for health and well-being to make the most out of student’s time at UNLV.

  • Plan and host fun and engaging events on campus
  • Promote health and wellness on campus
  • Leadership training through Certified Peer Education (CPE) - Certified Peer Education is a national certification program to lead, advocate and teach healthier lifestyles at UNLV
  • Co-facilitate wellness workshops with our talented wellness educators
  • Host socials
  • Become better leaders, develop professional skills, meet new people, and prepare you for a career in the field of health and wellness.
Two club members holding up signs.

Active Minds

The goal of Active Minds is to spread a positive message about mental health issues, and reduce the negative stigma that accompanies them.

One in four people will experience mental health issues in their life, and a majority will refuse to seek treatment due to the negative stigma surrounding mental health. We believe it is important to promote healthy conversations about mental health, help early prevention, encourage help seeking behaviors, and promote hope for those who have been diagnosed.

Active Minds hosts socials and on-campus events aimed at reducing stigma and promoting mental wellness.

T-shirt for the active minds organization mounted on a wall.