Health Fees

Admitted students are automatically assessed health fees each semester. These fees cover office visits, access to health information, counseling and psychological services, and a variety of preventive care services (e.g., flu vaccines, certain wellness screenings, etc.) There may be a small fee for psychological testing, lab work, pharmacy prescriptions, or other services.

Student Health Insurance

The Student Health Insurance Plan is available to admitted and currently enrolled students taking three or more graduate credit hours. The Student Health Insurance provides coverage for necessary medical and mental health services beyond those available through Student Wellness. Please refer to our frequently asked questions about student health insurance.


There is no office visit fee for medical or mental health services. If there is any payment due for additional services or procedures, payment is due at the time of service. Students paying their charges can do so by cash, check or credit/debit card. Students using a flexible benefits card may use this card for payment. Any charges not paid at the time of service will be billed to the student within 2 weeks after services are received. The Student Wellness Center will place a transcript and registration hold on a student’s University account if there is a balance due to the Student Wellness Center. Any balances that remain unpaid will be referred to a collection agency.

The Student Wellness Center will bill the Student Health Insurance Plan for pharmacy charges and some high cost laboratory and medical procedures. In general, the Student Wellness Center does not bill private insurance; however, students with private insurance may be eligible to have their lab charges billed to their insurance through a reference laboratory.

Questions regarding billing and payment for services should be directed to the Student Wellness Center billing office at: 702-895-0686.