Vice President's Council

The Vice President's Council (VPC) provides senior leadership and counsel to the vice president. The VPC meets twice monthly to discuss challenges, issues, and priorities for the division and coordinates the efforts of the various units within Student Affairs. The VPC provides "big picture" strategic planning and collaborates to develop divisional budgets.


The VPC is composed of:

  • Juanita Fain, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Adam Crisp, Director of Communications
  • Heather Rapport, Director of Development
  • Jamie Davidson, Associate Vice President, Student Wellness
  • Judd Harbin, Executive Director of Student Affairs Strategic Planning and Assessment
  • Renee Watson, Associate Vice President for Campus Life
  • Stephanie Cooper, Special Assistant to the Vice President
  • Steve McKellips, Associate Vice President, Enrollment and Student Services
  • Summer Mudd, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Finance and Administration
  • William Sullivan, Associate Vice President for Retention And Outreach, CAEO