We encourage you to consider the field of social work, and we welcome your application for admission.

If you have questions about pursuing a career in social work or the application process, please meet with the undergraduate coordinator or a social work faculty career advisor. If you would like academic advising while you are waiting for admission to the major, contact an advisor in the Greenspun Student Advising Center.

Preliminary Conditions

In order to apply to the School of Social Work, these conditions must be met; however, meeting these conditions does not automatically guarantee admission into the program.

  • Admission to UNLV
  • Completion of general education plus additional requirements - please see academic advising before applying for an updated degree work sheet to determine when to apply for the BSW program
  • A cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 for all accepted UNLV courses

Considerations for Acceptance

The application process is competitive and the considerations listed below may change. You will be advised of any changes via orientation sessions, written correspondence, and revised application forms. The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Admissions Committee will consider the following criteria when making decisions on admission:

  • Cumulative GPA
  • Prior work and volunteer experience
  • Two (2) references - *use of BSW two-page reference/recommendation forms provided in application are mandatory. Letters are optional.
  • Suitability for the responsibilities and requirements of the social work profession as evidenced by the personal statement. The personal statement is a gauge for assessing compatibility of your personal value base with that of the social work profession. Your values and ethics must be conducive to the social work cardinal values and the NASW Code of Ethics.
  • Writing skills demonstrated on the personal statement

Admission Process

Please submit the following materials to the social work office:

  • Completed application form
  • Recommendation form
  • A written personal statement addressing the questions posed on the application form
  • Copy of most recent academic advising worksheet
  • Two (2) references - *use of BSW two-page reference/recommendation forms provided in application are mandatory. Letters are optional. If you have had a volunteer experience or have been employed in a social service organization, it is suggested that you use that source as a reference. If not, select a reference source who can speak to your suitability for a career in social work. Only one reference can be obtained from a professor.

Because the BSW Admissions Committee considers volunteer or employment experience when making decisions about admission, those without that experience are encouraged to initiate a volunteer experience prior to admission. A social work faculty advisor can assist you in arranging for a volunteer experience.

Application Review Schedule

We review applications as they are received. However, for applicants applying to start the program in Fall, please apply by February 15. For applicants applying to start the program in Spring, please apply by October 18.

Notification of Admission

A formal letter of acceptance or rejection will be sent to you prior to registration for the upcoming semester. You may be called to interview with members of the BSW Admissions Committee, and you will receive a formal letter of acceptance or rejection shortly after the interview process.

Academic Plan

Upon being accepted into the major, you are required to complete an academic plan with an advisor in the Greenspun Student Advising Center. The academic plan must be completed within three weeks of notification of acceptance to the program. Failure to do so may result in forfeiting your acceptance to the social work major. This forfeiture does not preclude you from submitting a subsequent application to the School of Social Work.

Other Considerations

  • Affirmative action: Our program subscribes to and supports the university’s affirmative action policy.
  • Conditional admission: We reserve the right to conditionally admit you even if you do not meet the cumulative GPA requirement of 2.0 or if you have not completed the required PRE-SWK course work. Additionally, conditional status can be granted if you are in need of remedial course work or academic training. Conditional status cannot extend for more than one year.
  • Applicant interview: As part of the application process, you may be interviewed.
  • Criminal background checks: We reserve the right to require a criminal background check. Depending on the conviction, conviction of a crime does not automatically disqualify you from our program. Reviews will be on a case-by-case basis. Some criminal convictions may limit your practicum options and/or may prohibit your taking the Social Work Licensing Exam. The Nevada State Board of Social Work Examiners makes the determination concerning licensure.

Alternative Options for Those Not Accepted

  • Explore options: If you are not admitted, you are encouraged to meet with the BSW program coordinator to discuss options, which might include:
    • Resubmission of the application with an explanation that clarifies the areas questioned during the review process.
    • Selection of an alternative course of study consistent with your career goals.
    • Development of strategies for improving the cumulative GPA or other unmet admission criteria (e.g., a series of tutorials from the UNLV Writing Center).
  • The right for reconsideration: Any student who is not admitted to the social work major has the right to seek reconsideration. The reconsideration process begins by meeting with the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program coordinator. The BSW program coordinator is available to discuss the guidelines and procedures you would need to pursue for the reconsideration process.