As a social work major, you will receive three advisors to help answer whatever questions you might have:

  • Career advisor (full-time social work faculty member)
  • BSW program advisor (BSW coordinator)
  • Urban Affairs academic advisor (academic advisor located in the College Advising Center)

Career Advisor

Career advisors are full-time social work faculty members who are available to answer your questions about student life, career choices, graduate degree options, and social work licensing requirements. You receive a career advisor once you are accepted into the program.

BSW Program Advisor

The undergraduate program advisor, known as the BSW coordinator, is a full-time social work faculty member who helps you get acclimated into the program. The coordinator helps you select social work courses and related electives and socializes you into the nature of required social work courses. The coordinator is the point of contact for completing school and university petitions, appeals, independent study requests, and other paperwork. They also conduct monthly student information sessions and specialized workshops in coordination with the Advising Center.

Urban Affairs Academic Advisor

Urban Affairs academic advisors are assigned to you throughout your studies at UNLV. The advisors are the primary point of contact in the selection of courses. They maintain and record your academic checklists, help you prepare application material (e.g., transcript review), review and certify transfer credits, and prepare graduation applications.