We offer assistance in clearing out unwanted property from the labs and offices in order to help maintain a clear and comfortable work environment for all SEB occupants.

What is Surplus?

Surplus is any university item (with or without a UNLV barcode tag) that is no longer utilized and you would like disposed of. Examples include: Computers, office equipment, lab equipment, printers, monitors, etc.

Per state law, no one may sell or dispose of any university property without proper authorization.

How to Dispose of Surplus.

Simply bring your unwanted surplus items to the SEB Stockroom and the SEB staff will be happy to assist you. All hazardous materials must be removed from surplus property before delivery; RMS can assist with this. 

All barcoded property dropped off must be transferred using AssetWorks to SUP-02538 Research Infrastructure One Pooled. If this transfer has not been made prior to drop off the SEB staff will contact you to assist you with this process. Should you need assistance moving your property to the stockroom feel free to contact the SEB Operations Staff by phone at ext. 4-1458 or by email at


If you need assistance with AssetWorks please contact UNLV Property Control.