Fire Safety Plan


A Fire Safety Plan purpose is to increase the safety awareness of students, faculty, staff and visitors while on the UNLV campus.

The occupants of all University of Nevada Las Vegas buildings are required to immediately evacuate the building when the fire alarm system is activated. Persons shall not enter the building until advised that it is safe to do so by the University Police after the building has been declared safe.

Building evacuees will assemble in predetermined "Assembly Areas" where they will wait for clearance to re-enter the building.

The following table shows buildings on campus with Fire Safety Plan.

Building Fire Safety Plans
Abbreviation Building Name Plan
ARC Paul B. Sogg Architecture Building View Plan
ASC Academic Success Center View Plan
BEH Frank and Estella Beam Hall View Plan
BHS Bigelow Health Sciences Building View Plan
BKS UNLV Bookstore View Plan
BMC Beam Music Center View Plan
BPB Robert L. Bigelow Physics View Plan
BSL-RLL-MCB William S. Boyd School of Law And James E. Rogers Center for Administration & Justice View Plan
CBC Carol C. Harter Classroom Building Complex View Plan
CEB Carlson Education Building View Plan
CHE Chemistry View Plan
CSB Campus Services Building View Plan
DAY Dayton Complex View Plan
DIN Dining Commons View Plan
FDH Flora Dungan Humanities View Plan
FMA FMA Grounds and Motor Pool View Plan
FND Foundations Building View Plan
GPR General Practice Residency Program View Plan
GRA Archie C. Grant Hall View Plan
GUA Greenspun Hall View Plan
HCH Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall View Plan
HFA Alta Ham Fine Arts View Plan
HRC Harry Reid Center View Plan
HPD Haz-Pad View Plan
JBT Judy Bayley Theatre View Plan
LAC Lied Athletic Complex View Plan
LBC Lynn Bennett Early Childhood Education Center View Plan
LFG Lily Fong Geoscience View Plan
LLB Lied Library View Plan
MAB1 Maryland Administrative Building 1 View Plan
MDC Mendenhall Center View Plan
MPE Paul McDermott Physical Education View Plan
OM Operations and Maintenance View Plan
PAR Paradise Campus View Plan
PRO Reprographics / Design Services View Plan
RAB Research Administration Building View Plan
RPL Radiation Protection Laboratory View Plan
RWC Student Recreation and Wellness Center View Plan
SAM Student Affairs Maintenance View Plan
SBS Sam Boyd Stadium View Plan
SCS System Computing Services View Plan
SEB Science & Engineering Building View Plan
SEP Science & Engineering Plant View Plan
SFB Stan Fulton Bldg. / International Gaming Institute View Plan
SLC Shadow Lane Campus View Plan
SSC Student Services Complex View Plan
STL Science Teaching Laboratories View Plan
SU Student Union View Plan
TAC Richard Tam Alumni Center View Plan
TBE Thomas T. Beam Engineering Complex View Plan
TEC Technology Geoscience View Plan
TMC-COX Thomas & Mack Center - Cox Pavilion View Plan
TON Tonopah Complex View Plan
UCC Upper Class Complex View Plan
WHI School of Life Sciences View Plan
WRI Wright Hall View Plan

Create a Fire Safety Plan

A template has been created to assist building proctors, supervisors, and managers in drafting a Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan to achieve compliance with the Nevada Fire Code. Please use it as a guide and customize the information to reflect your particular building, its existing safety equipment and fire protection systems, and any identified existing fire hazards. Please contact RMS FLS Department at 702-895-4226 for assistance.