Unknown Disposal Request


Solids, liquids, or gas cylinders become an unknown chemical or chemicals when they are not properly labeled as in:

  • No label
  • Mix label
  • Label becomes illegible

If the constituents of any container become unknown it is disposed of as a hazardous waste.

Any chemical waste designated as an unknown will be required to go for analysis before disposal. A charge may incur for this service and the department will be responsible for the cost. If you or your department does not want to pay this cost, please make an effort to known the contents of the container. However, do not guess what the constituents might be in the unidentified waste.

Unknown Chemical Waste Procedures

  • Do not bring chemicals down the satellite accumulation areas (SAAs). Instead, email the hazardous waste specialist for specific procedures.
  • Included a time and date when it would be possible to meet to look at the unknown chemical(s) being disposed of for an initial evaluation.
  • If still unidentifiable, the chemical waste container will be labeled with the hazardous waste label found online, in the constituents’ portion, it will be written unknown.
  • The hazardous waste specialist or technician will pick up the unknown waste along with payment if needed.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Prepare in advance for the pickup of the unknown(s), as we are busy with other cleanouts and pickups for other departments.
  • Unknown chemicals carry a high cost to dispose of.
  • Email us if you are trying to figure out what the unknown is. We may be of some assistance in helping you figure out what it is.
  • Foremost, be extremely careful handling unknowns.
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