Year Recipient Department
2022 Seyhmus Baloglu William F. Harrah College of Hospitality
2021 Jacimaria Batista Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction
2020 Francis Cucinotta Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences
2019 Andy Kirk History
2018 Bo Bernhard Hospitality and International Gaming Institute
2016 Kwang Kim Engineering
2015 Debra Martin Anthropology
2014 Ramona Denby-Brinson School of Social Work
2013 Shahram Latifi Electrical & Computer Engineering
2012 Bradley Donohue Psychology
2011 Shawn Gerstenberger Environmental & Occupational Health
2010 Woosoon Yim

Mechanical Engineering

2009 Darrell Pepper Mechanical Engineering
2008 Eugene Moehring History
2007 Christopher Kearney Psychology
2006 Eugene Smith


2005 Shashi Nambisan Civil & Environmental Engineering
2004 Hal Rothman History
2003 Stanley Smith Biological Sciences
2002 Robert Boehm Mechanical Engineering