Curriculum Team FAQ

Do I have to get my college to approve a proposal before it goes to FSCC?

Yes, your department and college must approve your proposal before the Curriculum Team sends the request form so the FSCC can consider it. If you submit your proposal without the required signatures, you will receive a notification from the Curriculum Team that your request is still in pending status and will not be reviewed until all required signatures are present.

Where do I submit my graduate proposals?

The representative from the submitter’s academic college curriculum committee or dean’s office must email the completed and approved documents to [email protected]. Please DO NOT email the forms and documents directly to the committee chair or anyone else; all GCCC and Graduate College parties who need to review your submission do so from the [email protected] email address. For more information about submitting forms, meeting times, or deadlines, please visit the Graduate College Curriculum Committee webpage.

When do I have to complete a Common Course Numbering Form?

CCN forms are required for undergraduate classes only. They are required for new courses (including cross-listed courses), course deletions, or changes to course prefix, number, title, and/or credits. Occasionally, we need to send out notifications for description and/or component changes as well. Even if the other institutions do not have the same discipline/prefix, notifications must go out. In this case, we would need to send the notifications to the different registrars in the NSHE system. For your convenience, the Curriculum Team will complete the CCN form. Staff will verify the course number/title, complete the form, and notify the other NSHE institutions. The submitter must respond to questions/concerns from the other NSHE institutions. The CCN form allows the other NSHE institutions 10 business days to respond. [Not applicable May 15 through Aug. 15 or Dec. 15 through Jan. 20.]

Note: Please be aware of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee deadlines and NSHE blackout dates when submitting your requests.

Is there a deadline for getting my proposal on a meeting agenda?

Yes, every meeting has a published deadline for completed proposals to be received in order to be reviewed and included on the upcoming meeting agenda. Proposals must be completed and sent by email to the Curriculum Team by 3 p.m. on the deadline date. Completed proposals received after this date will be placed in the pending file for the next meeting. Meeting deadlines are published on our calendar. View the committee calendar.

How will I know if my proposal is approved?

All proposals are reviewed before being placed on the FSCC agenda. You will receive an email regarding this review, and you will be notified that your proposal was completed and has been included on the next agenda or that changes and/or additional information are required. After the meeting minutes have been finalized and approved, the Curriculum Team will begin working on the approved proposals. The submitter of the proposals will receive a review email form the Curriculum Team when the request has been completed and entered in the UNLV Student Information System (SIS). The email will have screen shots from the UNLV catalog as well as screen shots from SIS. The screen shots need to be reviewed by the submitter for any inconsistencies. The Curriculum Team will also attach the completed request with all signatures, including the chair of the FSCC, and the initials of the Curriculum Team members who completed your proposal.

When can I start offering my new course?

The proposal form includes a field to list your desired implementation date. Usually, a brand new course can be offered the semester following approval. Ideally, changes to existing courses that are scheduled in the upcoming term should be approved prior to the release of the schedule. If the schedule has already been released, no changes will be made to existing courses that are scheduled.

Does my proposal require any approvals beyond the FSCC?

Approval beyond the FSCC is required for some changes. For example, a new major or degree program requires approval from the Board of Regents and the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. The elimination of a major or degree program also requires BOR approval. Changes affecting the general education core may require that additional paperwork be sent to the General Education Committee. However, changing a few elective choices within an existing undergraduate program would not typically require approval beyond the FSCC. The Curriculum Team will assist the submitter to determine whether approval beyond the FSCC is required.

What do you mean by catalog copy?

The university's general catalog includes descriptions of every program offered at the university. The general catalog is available online. Please search the online catalog for all references to the course or program that you want to change. You can copy and paste program descriptions referencing the course/program directly into the proposal form. Please be sure to mark changes clearly. If your course is referenced in another department's program, that department must be advised of the proposed change(s) so it can make any necessary changes to its catalog copy. If you have questions, please contact the Curriculum Team.

Can I attend the meeting when my proposal is up for consideration?

Absolutely. In fact, this is probably a good idea just in case questions arise. It would be better for you to be there to address the questions rather than have the committee table the proposal for further information. In the event that you cannot attend, you can send a proxy in your stead.

Where and when does the committee meet to approve proposals?

View the calendar (link to calendar).

Tips to Facilitate the FSCC Process