Research & Projects

Current Research

Projects at UNLV
1 Mobile 3D Printing of Rail Track Surface for Rapid Repairment Zhiyong Wang
2 High Speed Rail Access Charge for the XpressWest of Nevada Jin Ouk Choi, Mohamed Kaseko, and Hualiang (Harry) Teng
3 Developing Acoustic Technology to Detect Transverse Defects in Rail at High Speed (220 mph) Ryan Sherman, Bingyin Hu, Yingtao Jiang, and Ying Tian
4 Development of a Platform to Enable Real time, Non-Disruptive Testing and Early Fault Detection of Critical High Voltage Transformers and Switchgears in High Speed Rail Yingtao Jiang and Ruixue Sun
5 Development of Multi-Rotor-UAV-based Rail Track Irregularity Monitoring and Measuring Platform with Image and LIDAR Sensors Yingtao Jiang, Hualiang (Harry) Teng, Tianding Chen, and Han Li
6 Non-Propriety Ultra High-Performance Concrete for Ballast-Track High Speed Railroad Sleepers Nader Ghafoori and Meysam Najimi
7 Transit Degradation Monitoring and Failure Prediction of Carbon Strip in Pantograph Robert A. Schill, Jr.
Projects at Virginia Tech
1 Determination of Top of Rail (ToR) Lubricity, using Stationary and Moving Contacting and Non-contacting Devices Mehdi Ahmadian
2 Application of Forward Looking Infrared Radiometer (FLIR) Technology for Detecting Early Stages of Fouled Ballast Mehdi Ahmadian
3 Discrete Element Modeling of Railway Ballast Toward Improved Tamping Practices Mehdi Ahmadian
4 Application of Machine Learning Techniques Toward Time-Based Change in Track Condition Using an Onboard Sensor in Revenue-Service Rolling Stock Farrokh Jazizadeh
5 Application of Doppler LIDAR Sensors for Assessing Track Gauge Widening in Curves and Locations with High-Lateral Forces Carvel Holton, Mehdi Ahmadian
6 Methods for Qualitative and Quantitative Measurement of Top of Rail Friction Modifiers (TORFM) in Revenue Service

Mehdi Ahmadian

7 Energy Harvester Tie for Serving the Needs of the Railroad Industry to Access Electric Power in Remote Locations

Mehdi Ahmadian

8 Quantitative Evaluation of Effect of Top of Rail Friction Modifiers on Reducing Wheel and Rail Wear Mehdi Ahmadian
Projects at the University of Delaware
1 Development and Validation of a New Generation Rail Wear Model Using Emerging Big-Data Analytic Techniques Allan Zarembski
2 Rail Fatigue Life Forecasting Using Big Data Analysis Techniques Allan Zarembski
3 Exploratory Data Analysis of Track Geometry Data – New Insights Nii Attoh-Okine
4 Correlation of Continuous Vehicle Based and Wayside Inspection Data to Develop Non-Traditional Maintenance Intervention Strategies Allan M Zarembski, J Palese
5 Principal components analysis and track quality index: A machine learning approach Nii Attoh-Okine and Ahmed Lasisi
6 Railroad Infrastructure Health Assessment Using Multiway Data Factorization - A Case for Railroad Track Geometry Data Nii Attoh-Okine
7 Modeling Tamping Recovery of Track Geometry Using the Copula-Based Approach Nii Attoh-Okine
8 Effect of Adjacent Poor Ties on Wood Crosstie Life Dr. Allan M Zarembski, Kenza Soufiane
9 Track geometry models using “small data” algorithm Ni Attoh-Okine and Grace Ashley
10 Load Transfer from Track to Bridge Structure on Curves Dr. Allan M Zarembski, Jubair Musazay