This award recognizes significant contributions to student learning by part-time teaching faculty. This award is administered through the UNLV Faculty Center.

2023 Recipients

Kirsten Barnstorf-Debord photo

Kirsten Barnstorf-DeBord
Department of World Languages and Cultures

Kirsten has a bachelor's degree in secondary education with teaching majors in French and foreign language instruction, and a master of arts degree in teaching. As a multilingual speaker, one of her goals is to pass on her passion for world languages and cultures and prepare students to live and work in a globalized world. It is substantial to her to provide all students with ample opportunities to learn, whether they are highly advanced or struggling academically or emotionally. She genuinely tries to engage them by using creative learning activities and new technologies. Many students have told her that this is why they enjoy her classes. Kirsten also encourages students to be life-long learners.

Kirsten has graciously agreed to share her application awards packet with those who plan to apply for the PTI award. Please contact

Outdoor picture of Jamie Huston

Jamie Huston
Department of English

Jamie teaches English 101 and English 102, required undergraduate writing courses. He spends the majority of his class time practicing skills from critical thinking about texts to revising writing with purpose. He wants his students to know the how and why those skills are important for the variety of ways life may lead them. Mr. Huston’s students are a community of learners, and he is personally and passionately invested in them. His leadership style is to adapt to the needs of his students, whether it is taking the time for one-on-one conversations, in and out of class, or whatever it takes to reach his students where they are. The best evidence of his teaching effectiveness is the writing his students produce, their vibrant expression of ideas, and the iterations leading to their final project.

Jamie has graciously agreed to share his award application with those who plan to apply for the PTI award. Please contact

Ian Seidenberg

Ian Seidenberg
College of Hospitality

Ian is an industry professional and veteran whose goal for teaching is to educate and prepare students for real life event management, producing and planning.  He has seen exactly what it takes to succeed in the event management field and provides his students with the necessary tools to be ready for the challenges within the hospitality industry when they leave his classroom.  

Ian has graciously agreed to share his application packet with anyone who plans to apply for the award. Please contact

Past Recipients

Those award recipients who have agreed to share copies of their award packets are indicated in the Award Packet Available column. Please contact the Faculty Center to obtain a copy.

Year Recipient Unit Award Packet Available
2021 Xiaoling Hays, Ph.D. Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures - Chinese No
2021 Elizabeth “Hope” Hinchman School of Nursing No
2021 Yousif Muradian Department of Finance No
2021 Hiroko Tadano Department of World Languages and Cultures - Japanese No
2021 Claudia Chiang-Lopez Department of Interdisciplinary, Gender, and Ethnic Studies No
2021 Monica Hsu Department of World Languages and Cultures No
2021 Carlos Mata-Alvarez School of Music No
2021 Cynthia Mishlove Department of English Yes
2021 Joanne Ullman Department of Psychology Yes
2020 Jonathan Bradley Department of Political Science No
2020 Sanae El Ibrahimi School of Public Health Yes
2020 Holly O'Brien College of Hospitality Yes
2020 Bin Ruan Department of World Languages and Culture Yes
2020 Steve Salerno Department of Journalism and Media Studies Yes
2019 Gérard Beck Department of World Languages and Cultures No
2019 David Choate School of Life Sciences No
2019 Jesse Fitts Department of Philosophy No
2019 Norma Flores Department of History No
2019 Alena Grewal School of Nursing No

Selection Committee Members, 2023