Both of these awards are administered through the UNLV Faculty Center. A call for submissions will be distributed each year in early fall. The selection committee will be composed of past winners.

Up to four UNLV Foundation Distinguished Teaching Awards of $5,000 each will be presented each year. From this group of award winners, we will select nominees for the Nevada Regents’ Teaching Awards. There are two Regents’ Teaching Awards:

  • One for full-time faculty who are tenured or tenure track.
  • One for full-time faculty members who are not tenured or tenure track who provide instruction as part of their regular assignment (faculty-in-residence, lecturer, etc.)

2022 Recipients

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Jennifer Guerra, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jennifer Guerra is an Associate Professor in Residence in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in the College of Sciences. Dr. Guerra received her doctorate from Colorado State University in synthetic organic chemistry and her work focuses on teaching high-demand introductory courses for undergraduates. In 2019 Dr. Guerra successfully developed the first hybrid-model course in chemistry at UNLV and continues to develop new and engaging pedagogies to enhance the learning experience of her students. Dr. Guerra says: “The success of our students is a direct reflection of the success of our teaching methodologies. Every classroom is filled with a variety of learners. When we work to address all learning styles, not just a select few, our students are better able to realize their full potential and continue to progress toward their goals.”

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Han-fen Hu, Ph.D.
Department of Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology

Han-fen Hu is an Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator of MIS programs in the Department of Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology within the Lee Business School. Dr. Hu holds a Ph.D. in Information Systems from the University of Utah. Her research interests include e-commerce, and organizational IT strategies. She reports it is a true honor to receive the UNLV Foundation Distinguished Teaching Award because it is a recognition of dedication and strong commitment to student learning and success.

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Aaron Saiewitz, Ph.D.
Department of Accounting

Aaron Saiewitz is an Associate Professor in the Accounting Department in the Lee Business School. Dr. Saiewitz earned his PhD at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and had 15 years of professional experience prior to entering academia. His research has been published in top accounting journals and he regularly brings his research and professional experience into the classroom. Dr. Saiewitz is known for challenging his students to engage in critical thinking and also helps develop students’ professional communication skills along with technical skills. He serves in a mentoring role that often extends beyond graduation.

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Micah Stohlmann, Ph.D.
Department of Teaching and Learning

Micah Stohlmann is an Associate Professor of Mathematics and STEM education in the Department of Teaching and Learning in the College of Education. His research centers on integrated STEM education with a focus on mathematics.Dr. Stohlmann’s teaching accomplishments for this award include his UNLV teaching, UNLV advising, leading professional developments for CCSD teachers, teaching middle school students for UNLV’s Saturday STEM program, new course and curriculum development, and publications based on his teaching that have been widely read and cited. Dr. Stohlmann also writes children’s books connected to STEM education!

Past Recipients

Year Recipient Unit
2022 Jennifer Guerra Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
2022 Han-fen Hu Department of Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology
2022 Aaron Saiewitz Department of Accounting
2022 Micah Stohlmann Department of Teaching and Learning
2021 Laura Kruskall, Kathryn Rafferty, Nathan Slife, Jenifer Utz Kinesiology & Nutrition Sciences, Life Sciences, Educational Psychology and Higher Education, Life Sciences
2020 Sarah Harris Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
2020 Kerie Francis Department of Sociology
2020 Danielle Roth-Johnson Gender and Sexuality Studies