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UNLV Financial Literacy & Wellness

Your source for a stronger financial future.

Our Mission

The UNLV Institute for Financial Literacy & Wellness aims to improve the lives of individuals and families by empowering them through financial literacy to achieve short- and long-term financial well-being. By providing high-quality, relevant, and timely financial education that meets learners where they are, the Institute for Financial Literacy & Wellness equips campus and community members with knowledge and resources to help them achieve their financial goals through different life stages.

At UNLV, we believe financial health is a key component of overall wellness, and financial literacy should be a core part of the curriculum throughout higher education. Here are key components of financial wellness:

Financial Literacy: A Path to Financial Wellness

The use of financial knowledge and expertise to make better financial decisions and enjoy positive financial outcomes. Financial literacy is possessing skills that empower people to strategically handle their debt, their money, their assets, and their credit to contribute to their short-term well-being and long-term prosperity.

Financial Wellness: A State of Being

The ability to effectively manage finances to achieve a state of being financially responsible, organized, empowered, and able to plan a strategic budget and stick to it, so one can realize positive outcomes. Financial wellness is part of holistic human well-being.

Programs and Services

Credit-bearing and co-curricular certificates

Advising and consultations

For-credit courses

Co-curricular programs and activities

Community engagement

Upcoming Events

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Community Partners

  • Community Donor Advisory Board
  • U.S. Bank
  • Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union
  • AccessLex
  • Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada

UNLV Advisory Board Members

  • Kate Korgan
  • Toni Arcadipane
  • Brenda Gayle Bryant
  • Daniel Chi
  • Jared Christensen
  • Cheyenne Cuizon
  • Kyle Ethelbah
  • James Fowlkes
  • Makayla Franklin
  • Dan Gianoutsos
  • Zack Goodwin
  • Devan Harris
  • Jenna Heath
  • Brianne Heinle
  • John Hirano
  • Darwin Hopwood
  • CK Miller
  • Becky Pugh
  • Rian Satterwhite
  • Cindy Stella
  • Nayelli Rico Lopez
  • Barb Roberts
  • Bill Robinson
  • Keith Rogers
  • Ingrid Ruffin
  • Danny Siciliano
  • Nicole Thomas
  • Jake Thompson
  • Karen Violanti

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