Campus Clients and Users

How to Initiate a Project

  • Submit an iServices request to the Planning & Construction Department
  • A project manager is assigned to meet with the client/user to define the scope of work and prepare a conceptual project budget and schedule for client/user approval including a funding commitment.
  • Once approval is received, the project manager will officially begin work on the project.

Capital Planning Process

UNLV conducts a call for submittals every two years for major capital projects and an annual one-time project prioritization process to assign funds to projects considered high priorities for the campus.

The process for both begins with the call for submittals sent to all executive leadership for internal proposal development and vetting. Once submitted, the proposals are collected and prioritized by campus executive area, reviewed and refined by the UNLV Space Committee, appropriate safety committees, the UNLV Cabinet, and the UNLV president.

Upon presidential approval, certain priorities within one-time projects are subject to review and approval by the NSHE Board of Regents. All major capital projects are subject to review by the NSHE Board of Regents and are prioritized within the overall NSHE major capital projects plan.

Those projects with a state funding component are then prioritized by the state of Nevada Public Works Board within the state of Nevada Capital Improvement Plan where approval by the governor can be made. Planning and construction provides required support to the entities involved in the capital planning process.

The FY14 UNLV Combined Major Capital Project and One-Time Project Process (COPP) has commenced as of September 11, 2013. The COPP is an institutional process conducted to understand and prioritize campus major capital project requests and one-time needs/proposals. Through receiving submittals from all areas of the institution for these project requests, it is intended that a comprehensive understanding of needs throughout the institution is developed and prioritized to support institutional planning and funding processes, and to assign available resources to the highest priority items within funding constraints and strategies.

Project Management & Other Fees

View the charts UNLV fees charts that are to be included in the project budget.

Plant Investment Fees (PIF)

UNLV plant investment fees are included in the project budget of those projects listed as priorities in the capital improvement plan that are funded by the state and/or UNLV. These include assessments to maintain campus utility and other infrastructure capacity, which the building project will absorb. The following chart indicates the UNLV PIF to be included in the project budget of those PIF.

Project Management Procedures

Learn about the guiding document committees involved and phases of a project.