Interior of the R-A-J building at U-N-L-V

Campus Clients and Users

Services Offered to Our University Partners

Our team of professionals offers the following services:

  • Architectural Services
  • Interior Design Services
  • Construction Management
  • Engineering Services
  • Space Design
  • Furniture Selection
  • Furniture Replacement
  • Fixture and Finish Selection
  • Paint Color Selection
  • Warranty Repair

All items, including furniture, procured and installed through us not only comply with current safety and university standards, but also meet ADA regulations, and carry a minimum 10-year product warranty.

How to Initiate a Request

  1. Visit the iService request page
  2. Fill out location; contact and payment account information; and schedule, space, and cost details
  3. Add any attachments, if you have any images to share
  4. Select “Submit”

When your project has been received a project manager will be assigned to meet with you to define the scope of work and prepare a conceptual project budget for your approval including a funding commitment.

Upon approval, the project manager will officially begin on the project.

Project Management and Other Fees

View the UNLV fees charts that are to be included in the project budget.

Plant Investment Fees (PIF)

UNLV plant investment fees are included in the project budget of those projects listed as priorities in the capital improvement plan that are funded by the state and/or UNLV. These include assessments to maintain campus utility and other infrastructure capacities, which the building project will absorb. The following chart indicates the UNLV PIF to be included in the project budget of those PIF.

Project Management Procedures

Learn about the guiding document committees involved and phases of a project.