Lecturer providing a lesson outdoors to students

Student Organizations

Philosophy students at UNLV have a number of options for getting together outside of the classroom to socialize and discuss philosophy.

Neon Stoa Philosophy Club

Neon Stoa discusses philosophy in a more informal setting over sandwiches and beverages. They typically meet at 7 p.m. on Thursday nights at Cheba Hut across the street from the Student Union. Discussion topics include:

  • Do humans have free will?
  • Are there moral facts or just opinions?
  • What is consciousness?
  • How is the mind related to the body?
  • Does perception show us reality?
  • Can we really know anything?
  • Is time real?

For more information, contact Professor Greg Janssen at gregory.janssen@unlv.edu or connect with Neon Stoa through Instagram and Facebook.

The Phi Sigma Tau Honors Society

Phi Sigma Tau Honors Society is an international honors society in philosophy with the purpose of encouraging interest, dialogue, and activity among students, as well as promoting ties between philosophy departments in accredited institutions. Phi Sigma Tau is open to all UNLV undergrad and graduate students. Meetings are typically held bimonthly virtually through Google Meet.

For more information, contact professor Erik Lindland at lindland@unlv.nevada.edu or visit the Phi Sigma Tau Honors Society’s Involvement Center page.

The Ethics Bowl Debate Team

Ethics Bowl is a unique fusion between an upper division class (PHIL 470x) and a student organization. Registration for the class is a prerequisite for membership in the UNLV Ethics Bowl student organization.

In PHIL 470X, students learn the fundamentals of ethical theory, apply what they have learned to specific contemporary issues in ethics, and eventually form a team. This team will travel to a regional Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl debate competition towards the end of the semester.

For more information, contact professor Erik Lindland at lindland@unlv.nevada.edu or visit the Ethics Bowl Debate Team’s Involvement Center page.