Parking and Transportation Services is committed to making campus transportation and parking convenient and efficient by providing:

  • Safe and well-maintained parking facilities
  • Pleasant and courteous customer service
  • Equitable enforcement of parking regulations
  • Efficient and service-oriented sales of parking permits
  • Alternative means of transportation
  • Proactive planning for parking needs
  • An effective motorist-assistance program

Parking & Transportation Services is committed to improving campus parking. We pursue this goal by researching solutions, evaluating their effectiveness, and making recommendations and adjustments. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have a question or a problem.

University Parking Advisory Committee

The Parking Advisory Committee at UNLV makes parking recommendations and cooperates with Parking & Transportation Services in effective planning practices. Parking & Transportation Services reports to the associate vice president for administration and is a division of Business Affairs.

The committee, which represents the faculty, staff, and students, reports to and is appointed by the president. Consisting of four faculty members, four professional staff, four classified staff, and six students, the committee meets regularly during the academic year, and written minutes are kept of all meetings.

Nine voting members constitute a quorum, and approval of a majority of those present is necessary for adoption of any action. The chairman is a voting member of the committee, and the committee will appoint a secretary and consultants as needed. The director of Parking & Transportation Services or his/her designated representative will be present at all meetings in a nonvoting capacity.

Master Plan

Parking is an essential component of any university system and critical to its continued growth. The goals of the university's master plan include providing adequate parking for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.