Podcasting and Audio Storytelling Workshop Friday May 17

The Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies will host a podcasting and audio storytelling media workshop on Friday, May 17. This interactive workshop will expose you to the various approaches of audio storytelling, as well as the tools and skills necessary to create your own audio recording, whether a podcast or story for broadcast/internet streaming. During the workshop you will learn the elements of effective storytelling, how to write in your own voice, use recording gear, and produce audio into sound-rich stories. By the workshop's conclusion you will know what it takes to put together a story for radio or podcasting, and you will have the audio fundamentals necessary to launch your own program.

Participants will be able to gain:

  • Skills to record and edit audio
  • Knowledge of different kinds of podcasting/audio storytelling methods
  • Ideas for starting your own program, distributing, and marketing it
  • A certificate of attendance that may be used to provide evidence of professional development

This workshop is limited to 12 participants. The cost is $295 for faculty and staff.

Prerequisites: While no background in podcasting/audio storytelling is necessary, it would be helpful if you’ve listened to a variety of interview-based ("The Daily," "The Bill Simmons Podcast", etc.)  as well as narrative-based ("Serial," "Snap Judgement," "Crime Junky," etc.) podcasts. Further, this course will have some technical elements involved. No specialized skills are necessary, but participants must be comfortable working with technology.

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