February 2024 Rebel Accessibility Hero

For February 2024, the UNLV offices of educational compliance and accessibility resources recognize Kurt Raschko from UNLV Web & Digital Strategy as our Rebel Accessibility Heroes.

In his nomination letter, Jerra Strong, UNLV's inaugural Rebel Accessibility Hero, stated:

Kurt began researching web accessibility on his own before the initiative began at UNLV, and he works to include inclusive design in everything he creates as part of his job. He is currently the driving force behind most accessibility improvements to the UNLV website. 

Those who work with Kurt know he is never satisfied. He believes that things can always be done better, and that there is always more to learn. It is this attitude that has helped him become an accessibility hero, as he makes continuous improvements to our web estate. He seems to invite any project that will make the site better. When he hears of an accessibility issue, it is not uncommon for it to be fixed that same day.  When it came time for a compliance review of the site, Kurt took on a laundry list of development projects with short deadlines, and achieved major changes. Kurt embodies a Rebel Accessibility Hero daily as he ensures that our website reaches the widest possible audience of potential students and members of the community.

For these and more, please join us in honoring Kurt Raschko as our February 2024 Rebel Accessibility Hero. In addition, please stay tuned for announcements related to UNLV unit activities related to the observance of Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2024 on Thursday, May 16.

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