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The Office of International Programs is committed to the development of global perspectives and intercultural understanding through high quality study abroad opportunities and faculty and student programs which focus on international education.

Current International Programs News

collage of Verona travel photos
Campus News | May 26, 2022

In the fair city of Verona, UNLV's Global Entrepreneurship Experience learn about marketing and social impact in Italy.

collage of photos from italy
Campus News | May 23, 2022

UNLV Global Entrepreneurship Experience students stop in Torino, Italy for coffee, chocolate, and shopping at a local street market

portrait of woman
People | June 13, 2018

This aspiring "world-improvement strategist" hopes that studying in Israel will help her gain a more in-depth perspective on Middle East conflicts and allow her to improve her Arabic.

Kendra Patterson is studying abroad in China this semester with support from a scholarship.
Campus News | September 6, 2017

Learn from UNLV students who just landed prestigious scholarships to study in Asia, Central America, and Europe.

President Len Jessup speaks next to Hannah Kelley
Campus News | June 1, 2017

Three UNLV students win coveted nationally competitive grants to study, research, and teach abroad.

Mario Verduzco
People | July 27, 2016

Engineering student turns study abroad experience into internship that taught him the value of improvising.

International Programs In The News

November 3, 2020

Film festivals, each unique from the next, are events held across the world to showcase, judge, and analyze movies. Film festivals are a customizable experience that is great for movie lovers and those just looking for something to do. On the surface, there is the daunting task of choosing one of the many movies, varying times, and often multiple theaters, but what often isn’t thought about is how to make the experience better and more memorable no matter what film festival or even movie you’re going to. Having seen my fair share of movies during my study abroad in San Sebastián, Spain are my top three tips to getting the most out of your next film festival.

July 25, 2016

On July 20, a scholarship agreement was signed between the Nevada Consular Corps and the UNLV Foundation in support of UNLV’s “Study Abroad Program.”

Recent International Programs Accomplishments

March 30, 2016
Lizbeth Arias (International Programs) has been awarded a Diversity and Diplomacy Fellowship through Humanity in Action, a collaborative transatlantic program in international relations and global diversity. A graduate student in the political science department, she was one of 24 fellows chosen from a 10-nation applicant pool. The fellowship,…