News: Division of Research

students walking into building
Research | October 1, 2018

UNLV Academic Success Center staff use their research to improve their student services.

group with candles
Research | September 28, 2018

After the Oct. 1 shooting, UNLV researcher Stephen Benning found increases in stress and gratitude. Here, he shares perspective on his findings.

Six UNLV researchers
Research | September 26, 2018

The history of health research is one of men studying men. Several UNLV researchers are flipping the script, creating new possibilities for women’s health and well-being in the process.

two men in talking at trade show
Research | September 25, 2018

UNLV’s Office of Economic Development provides four tips to avoid a business fail, even if you think you already know everything about entrepreneurship.

image of UNLV pharmacy
Research | September 24, 2018

UNLV's on-campus Student Health Center Pharmacy will support clinical studies that can help new medications and devices make it to market.

Honors College signage
Research | September 21, 2018

The Research & Creative Honors Program helps UNLV undergrads prepare for graduate research work.

boy holding hand up in stop sign
Research | September 21, 2018

When toxic masculinity is part of a culture, male survivors of childhood abuse may turn to crime as a way to reclaim their masculinity.

two women standing next to empty road
Research | September 20, 2018

Researchers work with underage sex trafficking victims to identify new ways to assist exploited children and prevent others from entering the abuse cycle.

Sharang Chaudhry speaking in front of brain simulations.
Research | September 13, 2018

Embracing contradiction made statistics doctoral student Sharang Chaudhry a better research presenter.

images of four students
Research | September 7, 2018

With support from McNair Scholars program, undergraduate students spent their summer leading research with the mentorship of faculty.

woman at desk
People | September 7, 2018

Do children raised by male caregivers have different perceptions of gender as a result of who raised them? This psychology major spent her summer exploring the question.

Research | September 7, 2018

Some students spent their summer lounging peacefully at the pool. Zantana Ephrem spent hers studying just war theory.