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The College of Fine Arts provides an academic experience that heightens awareness of the physical, intellectual, and cultural world. We diligently prepare students for professional employment and/or post-graduate study in their artistic area.

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drawing of two dancing figures
Arts and Culture |

The season celebrates where artistry and choreography come together at the epicenter of Las Vegas motion.

colorful artwork on utility box in front of apartment complex
Business and Community |

Designs on utility boxes at The Degree were created by College of Fine Arts students.

Las Vegas Sphere featuring the red, white, and blue of U.S. flag
Arts and Culture |

There are more than two dozen UNLV entries in the college division of the contest. Voting ends on June 5, 2024.

art illustration that shows a wolf, train, and other elements
Arts and Culture |

From classic plays to exciting new voices in American theatre, the season promises to be thrilling, thought provoking, joyous, and immediate.

exterior look of the composer showroom building
Arts and Culture |

The UNLV Film Documentaries class created this 15-minute film about the revitalization of Las Vegas’ Historic Commercial Center.

commencement profile (josh hawkins/unlv)
People |

President Keith E. Whitfield honors six graduates who have shown exemplary commitment to both the community and their studies.

Fine Arts In The News

France 24

Saudi Arabia said Sunday that more than 1,300 faithful died during the hajj pilgrimage which took place during intense heat. Dr. Steffen Lehmann, Professor of Architecture and Urbanism at UNLV and Director of the Urban Futures Lab, tells FRANCE24 that multiple solutions are needed to avoid such tragedies in the future.

Las Vegas Sun

Las Vegas neighbors Jason Aaron Goldberg and Joseph Campanale spent their summers in the 1990s making short videos on their parents’ camcorder, and in the process they fell in love with the art of film production and storytelling.


People around the globe are suffering stifling temperatures and the heat is causing a soaring death toll at this year's Hajj.


Based on our survey of 1,000 homeowners with installed solar systems, solar panels cost between $15,000 and $22,500 before incentives for an average 2,000 square foot home. The actual price you pay will depend on a number of factors including the system size you need, the installation company and equipment you choose and the financing option you select.

Las Vegas Sun

The Sphere is ready to celebrate the one-year anniversary of its outer shell, the Exosphere, with the same level of extravagance and creativity that people have come to expect from the Las Vegas entertainment venue since its debut less than a year ago.


From planting trees to painting streets white, US cities are fighting extreme heat. In 2013, Los Angeles became the first large city to pass a law requiring all new homes to have a cool roof. Since then, the city – where the number of days at 35C (95F) is expected to soar by 2050 – has rolled out numerous other keep-cool initiatives, including painting pavements white and expanding its Green Standards Building Code to include cool roofs on non-residential buildings and retrofits.

Fine Arts Experts

An expert in digital art.
An expert in art curation and studio arts.
An expert in contemporary art history, photography and architecture history, urban studies, and economic geography.
An expert on screen and voice over acting and Hollywood.
An expert on filmmaking, video production, arts advocacy, and podcasts.
An expert in graphic and user interface design.

Recent Fine Arts Accomplishments

Jerry Schefcik (Art), chair of the Nevada Arts Council Board, chaired the panel review of 85 Project Grant for Artist applications requesting a total of $249,692 in support of the production and presentation of individual artist’s projects including art exhibitions, performances, readings, concerts, the creation of art, portfolio building, and…
Stefano Boselli (Theatre) published the chapter on controversial French author Jean Genet in The Routledge Companion to Absurdist Literature, “the first authoritative and definitive edited collection on absurdist literature. As a field-defining volume, the editor [Michael Bennett] and the contributors are world leaders in this ever-exciting genre…
Stefano Boselli (Theatre) published the chapter “Latin America” in the collection Pirandello in Context, edited by Patricia Gaborik for Cambridge University Press. Boselli speaks about the introduction of Pirandello’s plays to Latin America, which started after the controversial Italian success of Six Characters in Search of an Author (1921), then…
Stefano Boselli (Theatre) published the chapter, “Echoes of Theatre Past: Blasco Ibañez's El comediante Fonseca and Cozarinsky’s El rufián moldavo,” in the The Routledge Companion to Theatre-Fiction edited by Graham Wolfe. Boselli’s chapter examines El comediante Fonseca (Fonseca, the Actor, 1924) by Spanish author Vicente Blasco Ibañez (1867–1928…
Hikmet Loe (Art) met with American Institute for Conservation (AIC) conference attendees at artist Robert Smithson's earthwork, Spiral Jetty. Situated along the north shore of Great Salt Lake, the work engendered conversations regarding the upkeep that earthworks may require, and the ideas of entropy the artist espoused that leads its owner and…
Amy Brown (Music) published an article titled "The Progression of Technology Integration in the Music Classroom to Support Student Engagement: Part I-Using Google Keep" in the Journal of General Music Education. This article is part of the Musical Idea Series, highlighting unique topics for the general music classroom.