In The News: Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering

February 25, 2020

You can’t have a conversation about combatting climate change without bringing up renewable energy. Replacing fossil fuels with sunlight, geothermal deposits, and the wind is one of the most obvious ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Popular Mechanics
February 14, 2020

The government can’t keep its story straight about its involvement with UFO research. After a yearlong investigation, we bust open the files, break through the noise, and reveal the definitive, staggering truth

January 27, 2020

If nothing else, the plan to shuttle visitors under the Las Vegas Convention Center in electric vehicles has sparked discussion about transit needs in the tourist corridor.

December 19, 2019

The study explored a system that notified workers through vibrations where nearby machinery and vehicles were in operations. The experiment even went so far as to cover the eyes of the participants, resulting in 95% accuracy in completing tasks.

Las Vegas Review Journal
December 16, 2019

When Mary Bodimer and her husband, John, moved into their Las Vegas rental home in May, they noticed a suspicious patch on the master bedroom’s ceiling.

KSNV-TV: News 3
December 6, 2019

It could be described as UNLV’s version of CES, senior engineering students took part Thursday in the Senior Design Competition.

November 27, 2019

Research — there’s no question the UNLV School of Medicine is a true believer in its importance.

KSNV-TV: News 3
November 4, 2019

Computer technology has come a long way since photoshop first arrived.

Science & Technology Research News
October 31, 2019

Cracks in the desert floor appear random to the untrained eye, even beautifully so, but those patterns of dried clay turn out to be predictable — and useful in designing advanced materials.

KSNV-TV: News 3
October 24, 2019

For centuries, man has looked into the sky at the red planet and could only wonder at the possibility.

Las Vegas Review Journal
September 6, 2019

The NSHE Board of Regents Friday approved a proposal to allow Nevada State College to raise its GPA requirement for admission from 2.0 to 2.5.

KLAS-TV: 8 News Now
July 31, 2019

A new and expensive arms race seems to be heating up. Billions of dollars have already been earmarked for the development of hypersonic systems, including offensive and defensive missiles.