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The Department of Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences within the School of Allied Health Sciences provides a high-quality educational experience for undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of health physics and medical physics; nuclear medicine; comprehensive medical imaging; radiochemistry; and radiography.

Current Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences News

A portrait of UNLV's new president Keith Whitfield on campus.
Campus News | August 10, 2020

As summer heats up, so do the accomplishments on UNLV’s campus.

The first baseman readies to make a play as a UNLV batter takes a swing
Athletics | May 6, 2020

With seasons derailed by the coronavirus, spring athletes take matters into their own hands to stay ready for whenever competition resumes.

People preparing to cut ribbon on new Fertitta Complex
Campus News | November 1, 2019

A collection of local, national, and international news stories highlighting the people and programs of UNLV.

blood pressure equipment against white background
Campus News | June 27, 2019

Formerly called School of Allied Health Sciences, the renamed unit has also launched new department of brain health.

man and woman shaking hands
People | August 1, 2018

A member of the UNLV School of Medicine's inaugural class reflects on past adversities that led to success.

man outside in skeleton tshirt
People | May 9, 2018

The first-generation student became president of Student Technologists Association in Radiological Science and plans to return this fall for another degree in MRI pathology.

Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences In The News

Science Mag
September 25, 2020

Moonwalkers take heart—China’s Chang’e 4 lander has made the first detailed measurements of the intense radiation that blasts the lunar surface and found that it’s safe for human exploration.

Las Vegas Review Journal
July 27, 2020

If the Mars Perseverance Rover was lifting off from Cape Canaveral at almost any other time, UNLV Professor Elisabeth “Libby” Hausrath would have had a front-row seat.

July 16, 2020

There are at least a dozen trials worldwide testing low-dose radiation therapy, or LDRT, as a treatment for pneumonia related to Covid-19, some spurred by the same historical data Calabrese and colleagues scoured years ago. The theory: Targeted radiation to the lungs will halt the out-of-control inflammation responsible for the devastating pneumonia that bookends the course of some Covid-19 patients.

August 5, 2019

Sending humans to Mars could leave astronauts with neurological problems, according scientists who studied mice in conditions which they claimed replicate deep space.

September 26, 2018

When SpaceX launches Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa and his eight traveling companions for a trip around the Moon in 2023, the company will be undertaking an unprecedented step toward the future of civilian space flight. But with being the first to attempt this feat comes a number of technical and safety challenges that less ambitious expeditions, like Blue Origin's treks to the Karman Line, won't have to face. So, just how will SpaceX ensure that its first trip to the Moon doesn't turn into a real-life Gravity?

The Space Show
March 8, 2017

We welcomed Dr. Francis (Frank) Cucinotta to the show to discuss the radiation risks for astronauts going to Mars and even living on Mars. Please note that Dr. Cucinotta has provided us with four .pdf papers you might want to review. These papers have been uploaded to the archives for this show.

Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences Experts

An expert in how environmental and man-made radiation affects the body.
An expert on the use of lasers in diagnosing and treating brain tumors.

Recent Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences Accomplishments

November 13, 2020
Zaijing Sun (Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences) published “Temporal Data Mining in Nuclear Site Monitoring and In-situ Decommissioning,” a chapter in the book “Nuclear Power Plant Design and Analysis Codes” this month with Elsevier. The author discussed the techniques of temporal data mining (TDM) and how to apply it to nuclear site...
March 26, 2020
Francis Cucinotta (Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences) has been honored with the 2020 Harry Reid Silver State Research Award for his outstanding research achievements. Cucinotta's work has garnered national and international recognition. One of UNLV's most prestigious awards, the Harry Reid Silver State Research Award was created in 2001 to...
February 19, 2020
Chad Hensley (Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences) is this year’s recipient of the Outstanding Educator Award from the Association of Collegiate Educators in Radiologic Technology (ACERT). Presented at the organization’s national conference in early February, this singular recognition for educators is based on several factors including a...
June 13, 2019
Chad Hensley (Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences) accepted an invitation by Gov. Steve Sisolak to attend the signing of Nevada Senate Bill 130, which mandates completing an education-based licensing program for those using ionizing radiation for medical imaging or therapy purposes. Previously, the state did not require specific education for...
June 7, 2019
Francis Cucinotta (Health Physics) served as guest editor for a special issue of Radiation and Dosimetry, which focused on the 17th International Symposium on Microdosimetry that addressed ionising radiation quality, molecular mechanisms, cellular effects, and their consequences for low-level risk assessment and radiation therapy. He also co-...
May 20, 2019
Francis Cucinotta (Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences) accepted an invitation to speak during the National Academy of Sciences’ Gilbert W. Beebe Symposium on the Future of Low-Dose Radiation Research in the United States. His talk focused on systems radiation biology, which addressed the government’s potential responsibilities in this area. He...