Topic: crime and criminal justice

silhouette of man and woman arguing
Research | June 16, 2020

UNLV criminal justice professor Gillian Pinchevsky on the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on victims of intimate partner abuse and how society can help protect them in the future.

woman presenting at conference
Business and Community | October 15, 2018

Criminal justice professor Gillian Pinchevsky on how you can empower yourself to empower survivors of interpersonal violence.

two people with clipboard talking a man
Research | September 26, 2018

Criminal justice students gather public opinion on law enforcement use of drones and body-worn cameras before and after the Oct. 1 shooting.

boy holding hand up in stop sign
Research | September 21, 2018

When toxic masculinity is part of a culture, male survivors of childhood abuse may turn to crime as a way to reclaim their masculinity.

Breanna Boppre
Research | May 8, 2018

Boppre channeled her childhood experience into a lifelong goal of bringing changes to the incarceration system in order to help people rebuild their lives.

Tamara Madensen outside T-Mobile Arena.
Research | December 21, 2017

UNLV professor uses crime science to head off chaos in public spaces.