Meet the Wonks

A few self-described political geeks tells us why they're getting caught up in the Presidential Debate as volunteers.

In This Series

Micah Powel
People | October 14, 2016
This junior journalism student gets social, covering the debate using Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat.
Mallika Pal
People | October 14, 2016
Tackling all the issues around the debate through UNLV's brand-new podcast.
Randy Dexter and his service dog
People | October 14, 2016
The Army veteran and communication studies student hopes the he'll work with during the UNLV Presidential Debate will keep an eye on veterans' issues.
Jennifer Hurtado with a red and white stripped tophat
People | October 14, 2016
This journalism major has interned for the local Fox affiliate. Now she's has the chance to work with national Fox News during the debate.
Christian Ogata sporting a 2016 Debate t-shirt
People | October 14, 2016
The classroom comes to life for this political science major and lawyer-in-training.

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