Nevada Conservatory Theatre Announces 2018-19 Season

Join us in celebrating the 15th anniversary of NCT with a season that brings a new perspective on classic works for our modern world.

The Nevada Conservatory Theatre is proud to announce its 2018-19 season! This 15th anniversary season reflects the pioneer spirit of the creators of NCT at UNLV in 2003. Each story reveals the passion and courage it takes to stay true to yourself against the odds. Information on tickets and season specials is available online. 

The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde
Directed by J.R. Sullivan
Judy Bayley Theatre
Sept. 28 – Oct. 7
Jack Worthing is in love with glamorous Gwendolyn Fairfax but he has a secret: his double life as “Ernest Worthing.” His friend, Algernon Moncrieff, discovers his secret and adopts the persona of “Earnest” to woo his friend Jack’s ward, Cecily Cardew. What follows is a onslaught of uproarious mistakes flavored by the wittiest dialogue, not to mention tea and muffins. Oscar Wilde’s sparkling comedy teaches us all the importance of being Earnest.

The Crucible by Arthur Miller
Directed by Darren Weller
Black Box Theatre
Oct. 19 – 28
Fear. Anxiety. Jealousy. Witchcraft. Arthur Miller’s searing 1953 commentary on McCarthysim focuses on the village of Salem, Massachusetts, in the 1690s. A series of misfortunes, indiscretions, and local girls dancing “devilishly” in the woods lead to the infamous Salem witch trials. This classic American drama explores what happens when a community turns against its own people.

Love’s Labour’s Lost by William Shakespeare
Judy Bayley Theatre
Nov. 30 – Dec. 9
The young and confident — perhaps overly confident — King of Navarre and his three loyal school friends make the ultimate oath: for three years they will study, fast, and give up sex. Their vow is instantly put to the test when the beautiful and charming Princess of France and her three witty ladies arrive at court. What follows? Subterfuge, shenanigans, and sonnets. Shakespeare’s hilariously smart and sexy comedy shows the hard work of achieving love while coming of age.

The African Company Presents "Richard III" by Carlyle Brown
Directed by Melissa Maxwell
Judy Bayley Theatre
Feb. 15 – 24
New York. 1821. America’s first black theater company, the African Company, presents classic plays at a theater in downtown Manhattan for both black and white audiences. But they are challenged when they dare to put on Shakespeare’s Richard III at the same time as the powerful and popular Park Theatre. Carlyle Brown’s humorous and touching play, based on real-life events, dares to ask the question: Does Shakespeare belong to everyone?

Blood Wedding by Federico García Lorca
Directed by Allegra Libonati
Black Box Theatre
March 8 – 17
On the morning of her arranged wedding, a young bride is visited by the former love of her life. Old passions of love and hate are rekindled when the two lovers escape together. Can their fervent ardor overcome the strictures of Catholic Spanish society? Through the lyrically haunting landscape of poet Federico García Lorca’s moon-soaked imagination, we see the penalties and the pleasures of rebelling against the status quo.

Legally Blonde by Heather Hach
with music and lyrics
by Laurence O'Keefe and Nell Benjamin
Judy Bayley Theatre
May 3 – 12
Based on the blockbuster movie starring Reese Witherspoon, this fabulously fun musical adaptation follows the adventures of West Coast sorority girl, Elle Woods. When her boyfriend dumps her to attend Harvard Law, Elle determines to win back his heart at any cost. How far will she go? Will she have to transform herself or will she hold on to her authentic Elle self? One thing’s for sure: Harvard Law will never be the same.

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