Mike Kalil

freelance contributor

Mike Kalil, '00 Communications, is an accountant and manager at Kalil & Associates, an accounting firm in Tucson. He is a former staff writer for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, and former news editor for the UNLV Rebel Yell. In 2004, the Nevada Press Association named him Outstanding Journalist, the state's highest individual journalism honor.

Articles by Mike Kalil

Vanessa Hauc
People | September 28, 2017

As climate change and hurricanes dominate the news, alumna and Telemundo journalist Vanessa Hauc is raising awareness on the impact in Latino communities.

Alex Andres at Lego Land
People | April 5, 2016

Alumnus Alex Andres combines lifelong love of Lego with training in theater design to land his dream job.

Alissa Cooley and Katelyn Franklin
Business and Community | January 6, 2016

Thanks to Justice Americorps Grant, Las Vegas is one of the few places in the nation where unaccompanied children receive free legal representation in court.

Jason Feinberg
People | September 5, 2014

Jason Feinberg began capturing listener attention as a KUNV DJ. Now the music executive is at the forefront of digital marketing of major artists.

General Manager Frank Mueller on air
Arts and Culture | September 5, 2014

Five years after the station returns to campus, its audience keeps expanding and its DJs are landing stellar jobs.