Jennifer Gray

Division of Student Affairs

Articles by Jennifer Gray

Keith Rogers and Rebecca Rogers, wearing graduation robes, pose overlooking a pathway on the UNLV campus.
People | March 4, 2019
She's daring and he's diverse. Both are committed to helping UNLV students achieve their dreams.
Exterior of residence halls
Campus News | January 23, 2019
The themed residence hall floor, named for the county's first black landholder, offers students a place to explore African American identity.
candles in forground, group hugging in background
People | September 28, 2018
UNLV students and staff share their heartache and hope as the Oct. 1 shooting anniversary approaches.
Portrait Hannah Doss
People | August 27, 2018
This new Rebel credits her sister for showing her how to turn her passion for outdoor recreation into a career.
Students peruse booths at the 2017 homecoming carnival
Campus News | May 10, 2018
Student event coordinators shifted homecoming's focus to philanthropy, and look to carry that mission to the 2018 iteration of the event.
Portrait of Clark Bossert
People | January 16, 2018
This new Student Affairs staff member passed over other job offers, convinced he wanted to work at UNLV.
man in meeting with dog
People | November 9, 2017
For veteran Randy Dexter, man's best friend —and a campus organization — made all the difference.
Campus News | November 9, 2017
The Military & Veteran Services Center and the Disability Resource Center are helping ensure student success. 
UNLV Dining Commons cashier Minnie Epps smiles.
People | October 11, 2017
Longtime employee Minnie Epps named to Aramark's prestigious 2017 Ring of Stars.