Erin O'Donnell

Freelance Writer

Erin O'Donnell is a freelance writer living in Wichita, Kan.

Articles by Erin O'Donnell

a mace on a stand
UNLV History | May 18, 2019
The processional marshal at commencement will be wielding the mace — a 12-pound symbolic weapon for defending the university and its people.
People | December 12, 2011
UNLV will confer 100,000th degree at fall commencement 2011. Catch up with our first degree recipients.
People | April 12, 2010
Jon Cobain, the first Rebel to cross the stage at commencement, went on to head his own mergers and acquisitions firm. He's shared his success with his alma mater and now challenges all the grads who followed him to reinvest in education.
Arts and Culture | April 21, 2009
A mystery photo from our archives led us to track down alumnus Serge McCabe.
People | April 1, 2008
An interview with Maria Luisa Parra-Sandoval
People | April 1, 2008
Research | October 1, 2007
A landmark gift from Harrah’s gives a boost to a proposed academic complex that will keep Hotel College students and researchers on top in the industry.
Research | April 1, 2007
Religious objections, students who think they know the facts, and that troublesome word 'theory' make teaching evolution tough. A trio of researchers is moving beyond the controversy to better understand how students learn complex concepts in science.
People | April 1, 2007