Charles E. Reineke


Charles E. Reineke is a contributing writer for UNLV Innovation magazine.

Articles by Charles E. Reineke

Desk with skulls and bones on it
Research | September 1, 2016

Debra Martin, winner of the 2015 Harry Reid Silver State Research Award, reveals that the answers about our darkest impulses can sometimes be found within what remains.

Brian Villmoare sits at a desk and holds a fossil
Research | December 1, 2015

By illuminating a dark period in human evolutionary history, a UNLV scientist gets his turn in the spotlight.

Ying Tian
Research | April 13, 2015

After seven firefighters died in a collapsed parking garage, engineering professor Ying Tian wanted to help design more resilient buildings. His research was shored up with seed money from a UNLV grant.

Elsabeth Hausrath
Research | April 8, 2015

Data from NASA’s Mars Exploration Program is helping Elisabeth Hausrath understand how soil and water might have once interacted on the surface of our solar system’s most-Earthlike neighbor.

Rebecca Gill looks through a library book shelf
Research | March 16, 2015

Political science professor Rebecca Gill is examining the ways we evaluate judge performance and how gender or racial bias influence the results.

Janet Dufek
Research | February 23, 2015

Kids fall all the time, but bouncing back can be trickier when it happens in a hospital. Thanks to an internal grant, UNLV professor Janet Dufek has been able to collaborate with a leading children's hospital to tackle the issue.

Shahram Latifi
Research | January 14, 2015

Engineering professor Shahram Latifi draws on a breadth of knowledge to craft elegant solutions to problems fraught with complication.

U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Research | November 1, 2014

Call it watering the green spots. UNLV’s Faculty Opportunity Awards program provides seed funding for faculty researchers with promising ideas and a desire to pursue additional funding from government agencies, foundations, or private industry. The program has supported a wide variety of campus research projects involving multidisciplinary teams, single investigators, and other faculty working to develop intellectual property.