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UNLV Innovation

UNLV Innovation is the research magazine of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Designed to provide enhanced coverage of UNLV research, scholarship, and creative activity, the magazine also seeks to inform various constituencies about the nature and value of university research.

TEAM APPROACH Life science professor Penny Amy (left) discusses treatments for American foul brood disease with research assistants Rebecca Kolstad (center) and Diane Yost. Read more »

Highlights from the Current Issue

  • A Quest for Our Earliest Ancestors – Anthropology professor Brian Villmoare brought international attention to UNLV recently with the discovery of a 2.8 million-year-old fossilized jawbone from Ethiopia.
  • Despair Interrupted – Both as a scholar and a social worker, Ramona Denby-Brinson has been changing the conversation about child welfare, mental health, cultural competency, and social policy. Her goal is to help Nevada's most vulnerable citizens get a shot at a better life.
  • Future Facing – Paul Oh, robotics visionary, believes Nevada is a poised to become the nation's premier destination for all manner of unmanned systems.
  • Powered by Discovery – Physics professor Yusheng Zhao leads UNLV's advanced energy research team, which is changing batteries from the inside out.


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