A look back at the greetings we've sent over this 50-year tradition.

Western style of a holiday card.

Generic holiday cards with snowflakes.

Holiday graphic card which contains a drawn seal with earmuffs on.

Holiday cards containing a christmas tree and another with an angel.

Holiday cards both containing long vertical christmas trees.

Holiday graphic card which contains a tortoise wearing a small santa hat.

Holiday graphic card containing cacti.

Holiday graphic card containing view of the Las Vegas valley at night.

Holiday graphics card with the Las Vegas strip skyline drawn out.

Holiday graphic card containing architectural structures.

Generic holiday card containing the words happy holiday.

Generic holiday cards containing starts and bells.

Holiday graphics card containing a view of an organ.

Holiday graphics card containing groups of people posing in holiday attire.

Generic holiday graphics card containing a snowman.

Holiday graphics card containing a beautiful shot of campus snowed over.

Holiday graphics card containing a beautiful shot of campus snowed over.

Card showing a basketball player holding a basketball.

Generic holiday graphic card containing Hey Reb's mustache.

Holiday graphics card containing cookie-shaped UNLV

Holiday graphic card containing a comic

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