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Help Is Just a Call Away

Campus safety to be improved with the addition of more emergency phones

Campus News  |  Jul 25, 2018  |  By Ariana Renick
Photo of new emergency phone

New RebelSAFE Emergency Phone (Amanda Keating/UNLV Creative Services)

More of the 12-foot-tall RebelSAFE emergency phones will be installed at UNLV in coming months thanks to money from the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE).

“Priority is being placed on installations near residence halls and common vehicle and pedestrian pathways on the Maryland Parkway campus,” said Ryan Doyle, information technology manger for UNLV Police Services.

Funding is coming from $7.5 million that NSHE allocated to UNLV earlier this year. Of that, $1 million is being directed to emergency phone upgrades.

UNLV Police Services previously had completed an initial upgrade of 19 new RebelSAFE emergency phones throughout campus as part of a $250,000 grant from CSUN student government. The additional emergency phones are slated to be installed beginning in September.

RebelSAFE phones allow students, employees, faculty, and community members to request help in an emergency, report a crime in progress, or report suspicious activity. Standing 12-feet tall and equipped with a 4000k LED area light, they are easy to spot near campus pathways. You’re likely to hear them, too, in the event of an emergency; the public address speakers broadcast the same RebelSAFE Alerts you receive on your smartphone with the RebelSAFE app.

Current emergency phone locations can be viewed online for both the Maryland Parkway campus and for the Shadow Lane campus.