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Employees Honored for Service and Dedication

The annual Classified Staff Awards Ceremony was held to honor the hard work of employees.
People  |  Jun 27, 2012  |  By UNLV News Center

UNLV employees were honored for their service at the 2012 Classified Staff of the Year awards ceremony and luncheon. The Employee of the Year is Isabelle Johnson of University Communications. Second place winner is Carey Wilson of facilities maintenance services; third is Beverly Galloway of the law library; and Rookie of the Year is Troy Wailehua of the Thomas & Mack Center.

The Classified Staff Employee of the Year award recognizes three outstanding employees who go above and beyond to contribute to the UNLV community. Nominees are scored on their concern for the university/department, job performance, and attitude. The award committee also annually awards the Classified Rookie of the Year to recognize the performance of a new staff member. Each received a plaque as well as monetary awards ranging from $250 to $1,000.

Other nominees for Employee of the Year were Maura Erickson of the College of Engineering; Paul Flinders of landscape grounds & arboretum; Elizabeth Gardner of School of Nursing; Chelsea Herrington of the provost's office; Diane Sessions of Student accounts & cashiering; Sonia Taylor of the School of Social Work; Mariellen Van Winkle of the registrar's office; and Debbi Vaughan of the registrar's office.

Other nominees for Rookie of the Year were Mike Butte of landscape grounds & arboretum; Ronald Cooper of student union & event services; Shannon Farrell of summer term; and Brian Hedrick of facilities maintenance services.

Service Awards

In addition, the following employees were honored with service plaques for reaching a milestone year with UNLV:

Five Years

Yusuf Alliyani, Police Services
Kody Kearns, Office of Information Technology
Elaine Anderson, UNLV Foundation
Jacob Kelli, Landscape Grounds & Arboretum
Violeta Aromin, UNLV Foundation
Keala Kiko, School of Life Sciences
Miguel Avila, School of Dental Medicine
Vincent King, Custodial Services
Tiawanda Baity, Custodial Services
Jesus Baldonado, Custodial Services
Amy Kluesner, Custodial Services
Christie Klangos, Custodial Services
Stewart Barquist, Police Services
Danny Kovene, Reprographics/Design Services
Betty Baugh, Custodial Services
Nora Langendorf, Center for Health Information Analysis
Jovita Bayug, Academic Success Center
Angelita Bialoglovski, School of Dental Medicine
Kelly Lewis, Women's Research Institute of Nevada
Michael Biesiada, Psychology
Candia Little, William S. Boyd School of Law
Kelly Boan, Student Accounts & Cashiering
Carol Lopez, School of Dental Medicine
Ellen Bolt, Student Wellness
Tyrone Love, Custodial Services
Henry Bullard, Custodial Services
Lisa Lozon, UNLV Foundation
Blanca Burch, Custodial Services
Vanessa Mann, Thomas & Mack Center
Linda Caetano, Student Health Center
Krislynn Marcello, Student Union & Event Services
Valerie Calbert, School of Nursing
Zina Marchenko, School of Dental Medicine
Edith Caldwell, College of Engineering Advising Center
Delia Martin, College of Fine Arts
Maria Campos, William S. Boyd School of Law
Maria Martinez, School of Dental Medicine
Wilma Canio, Wilson Advising Center
Leslie Matys,Landscape Grounds & Arboretum
Carmen Chang, William S. Boyd School of Law
Ericka McDonald, Greenspun College of Urban Affairs
Claudia Corlett, Auxiliary Financial Services
Andrew Merz, Facilities Maintenance Services
Joe Cothrun, Facilities Maintenance Services
Christine Meszaros, Lee Business School
Sara Covert, Lee Business School
Sandra Moore, Thomas & Mack Center
Edward Cox, Custodial Services
Tara Mullin, Human Resources
Jennifer Cozzolino, Student Accounts and Cashiering
Vanessa Nagata, Office of Information Technology
Jonathan Culver, Police Services
Sandra Obenour-Dowd, Landscape Grounds & Arboretum
Adrian Dalalo, School of Dental Medicine
Francisco Orozco Maciel, Payroll
Jesus Delatorre, Campus Life Facilities & Operations
Paul Orr, Custodial Services
Sara Duarte, Student Union & Event Services
Patricia Pablo, Mathematical Sciences
Richard Ensigne, Custodial Services
Tiffani Peoples, School of Dental Medicine
Kimberly Ensigne, William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration
Stephani Preston, Police Services
Christopher Rapanos, Facilities Maintenance Services
Victor Espejel, Campus Housing Facilities
Selina Reed, UNLV Foundation
Alo Faleafine, Accounts Payable
Janeen Reza, Psychology
Theresa Farmer, Institutional Analysis & Planning
Dionne Roberts, Admissions & Recruitment
Joseph Fernane, Custodial Services
Mark Sakurada, Police Services
M. Margarita Flores, Center for Academic Enrichment & Outreach
Ron Sarmiento, Custodial Services
Cristina Scoble, English Language Center
Jerol Forrester, Facilities Maintenance Services
Sandra Serrato, Campus Housing Facilities
Ana Franco-Soria, Teaching & Learning
Laura Silva, Police Services
Cherisha Gaitor, Campus Life Facilities & Operations
Donald Sims, Police Services
Mary Ganny, Registrar
Elizabeth Smith, Geoscience
Matthew Gant, Campus Housing Facilities
Carol Smith, Custodial Services
Debora Garner, Admissions & Recruitment
Joann Stevens, Center for Academic Enrichment & Outreach
John Gaudet, Thomas & Mack Center
Stephanie Grossman, William S. Boyd School of Law
Kyra Thibodeau, UNLV Foundation
Dinora Hernandez, Custodial Services
Gertrude Thomson, Educational Outreach
Gilda Holliday, Facilities Management
Brian Townsend, Controller's Office
Maria Jacobi, School of Dental Medicine
Mariellen Van Winkle, Registrar
Darrell Johnson, Police Services
Rachelle Weigel, Library
Lamona Jones, Educational Outreach
Eileen Wells, Police Services
May Jones, School of Dental Medicine
Michael West, Police Services
Robert Jones, Custodial Services
Amanda White, Custodial Services
Laura Jule, Admissions & Recruitment
Maritza White, Black Mountain Institute
Jonathan Keanini, Parking & Transportation Services
Alcinia Whiters, UNLV Foundation
Cathy Willey, Risk Management & Safety

10 Years

Dawn Adams, Mail Services
Natasa Korceba, Physics & Astronomy
Giorgina Agrellas, William F. Harrah College of Hotel
Thomas Labar, Office of Information Technology Administration
Gayle Ledell, William S. Boyd School of Law
Ramiro Arevalo, Thomas & Mack Center
Xin Mai, William S. Boyd School of Law
Jason Aubin, Library
Jamille Malone, Student Wellness
Claudine Brown, Police Services
Patricia Marmurowksi, College of Fine Arts
Patricia Butler, Lee Business School
Patrick McGhee, Thomas & Mack Center
Romeo Castillo, Facilities Maintenance Services
Soila McKay, Police Services
Ronald Castillo, Custodial Services
Craig Meehan, Thomas & Mack Center
Wanda DeCorte, Kinesiology & Nutrition Sciences
Joyce Moore, Library
Connie Dye, Sociology
Christopher Myers,Thomas & Mack Center
Maria Figueroa, Geoscience
Valerie Nehmer, Online Education
Ruth Flores, Thomas & Mack Center
John Padilla, Library
William Frederick, Library
Lana Peacock, President's Office
Jerry Green, Student Union & Event Services
Emilio Ramirez, Custodial Services
Janet Gustafson, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Jan Reeves, School of Dental Medicine
Linda Hayes, Registrar
Christine Rich, Center for Academic Enrichment & Outreach
Minh Horton, Custodial Services
Renee Hughes, Campus Life
Jerry Robinson, Continuing Education
Anthony Jackson, Campus Life Facilities & Operations
Maricarmen Rodriguez, Thomas & Mack Center
Dedric Jenerett, Thomas & Mack Center
Deborah Seda, UNLV Foundation
Walter Jensen, Thomas & Mack Center
Marice Seda, Library
Isabelle Johnson, Marketing & Public Relations
Andre Singleton, Facilities Maintenance Services
Poppy Johnston, William S. Boyd School of Law
Oscar Tarongoy, Custodial Services
Gino Kahaunaele,Facilities Management
Scott Taylor, Police Services
Jason Kono, Thomas & Mack Center
Christopher West,Facilities Maintenance Services

15 Years

Kathryn Birgy, Geoscience
Debra McCracken, Library
Maria Calderon, Registrar
Royal Miller, Registrar
Enrique Contreras,Custodial Services
Kevin Moseman, Landscape Grounds & Arboretum
John Ford, Custodial Services
Jason Nibert, Custodial Services
Veronica Knight, College of Sciences
Leslie-Ann Nilsen, Purchasing
Jeffrey Lagesse, Parking & Transportation Services
Gay Sessums, Interdisciplinary Studies
Robert Lucas, Custodial Services
Debbi Vaughan, Registrar
Judy Magowan, Delivery Services
Pamela Walker, Facilities Management
Shyama Malwane, School of Life Sciences
Sandra Ziegler, Parking & Transportation Services

20 Years

Leticia Flores , Admissions & Recruitment
Stuart Rosenthal, Custodial Services
Steven Hunter, Custodial Services
Ann Sattler, Library
Gwen Jones, Auxiliary Financial Services
DeeAnn Savilla, School of Dental Medicine
Susie Lafrentz, Political Science
Sandra Settina, Educational Outreach
Elaine Rojas, Controller's Office
Katrina Switalski, College of Sciences
Kelvin Woods, Thomas & Mack Center

30 Year Awards

Toni Arcadipane, Financial Aid & Scholarships
Darrell Hancock, Facilities Maintenance Services
Rosa Guzman, Intercollegiate Athletics
Klaus Maserke, Facilities Maintenance Services