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October 1, 2013
Randall Stout (Architecture) was featured along with other established and emerging architects, including Frank Gehry, Franklin D. Israel, Thom Mayne, Michael Rotondi, and Eric Owen Moss in The Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art's (MOCA) exhibit A New Sculpturalism: Contemporary Architecture from Southern California. The exhibit, which was...
October 1, 2013
Janet Dufek (Kinesiology) and Robbin Hickman (Physical Therapy) had their work published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise and referenced in Runner's World magazine. Their research focused on what part of the foot strikes the ground first while a person runs, which is termed footstrike, and whether changing that...
October 1, 2013
Rebecca Springs (Chemistry) received the 2013 Coryell Award from the American Chemical Society's Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology for her research in nuclear safeguards. The award, named for American chemist Charles Dubois Coryell, recognizes undergraduate students who complete original research in nuclear chemistry, radiochemistry, or...
October 1, 2013
Vanessa Gepielago (Nursing) received the Lillian Wald Community Nursing Award for her efforts to encourage a change in Nevada law regarding sexual education. She encouraged the review and passage of a bill that would modernize the current curriculum, which she believes would help reduce the state's rising teen pregnancy rate. The award is named in...
October 1, 2013
George Rhee (Physics and Astronomy) is the author of Cosmic Dawn: The Search for the First Stars and Galaxies (Springer 2013). The visible universe consists of stars and galaxies. One of the challenges of astronomy is to understand how galaxies and stars first came into existence more than 13 billion years ago. This book tells the story of our...
October 1, 2013
Barbara St. Pierre Schneider (Nursing) had her work published in the August issue of Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine, which is the official journal of the Aerospace Medical Association. The article, "Simulated Flight, Muscle Genetics, and Inflammatory Indicators in Mice," describes her research testing the effects of short-term...
October 1, 2013
Emilio "Louie" Puentedura (Physical Therapy) co-authored the text book, "Therapeutic Neuroscience Education,"which was published in August. The textbook illustrated the importance of beliefs and cognitions in regard to pain and how changing patients' cognitions can lead to significant improvement. It also demonstrated how to teach patients the new...
October 1, 2013
Frank Cucinotta (Health Physics & Diagnostic Sciences) had his work published in the August issue of the Annals of ICRP (International Commission of Radiological Protection). He co-authored the article, "Assessment of Radiation Exposure of Astronauts in Space," which describes the terms and methods used to assess the radiation exposure of...
October 1, 2013
Peter Jakubowski (Dance) has been engaged to design the new signature work for the Dance Theatre of Harlem (DTH). The work he is doing is choreographed by Thaddeus Davis and Tanya Wideman and will premiere in Washington, D.C., this month. Its topic is the Harlem renaissance and how the rebirth of DTH, which had closed its doors for a few years,...

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