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Edward Lynch

Published: Edward Lynch

May 16, 2017

Edward Lynch (Dental) recently had two more peer-reviewed papers published in dental journals.

Published online in Implant Dentistry in May was  “Heat Generation on Implant Surfaces During Abutment Preparation at Different Elapsed Times." The purpose of this study was to evaluate heat generation at the implant surface caused by abutment preparation using a diamond bur in a high-speed dental turbine in vitro at two different water-coolant temperatures as temperature changes can affect healing and osseointegration. Water-coolant temperature (20°C vs 32°C) had a statistically significant effect on the implant's temperature change during preparation of the abutment (P < 0.0001). The use of water-coolant temperature of 20 ± 1°C during preparation of the implant abutment decreased the temperature recorded at the implant surface to 34.46°C, whereas the coolant temperature of 32 ± 1°C increased the implant surface temperature to 40.94°C.

He also had paper published online in the International Journal of Dentistry  in March. Titled  Combined Implant and Tooth Support: An Up-to-Date Comprehensive Overview, "  his article presents a review on the controversial topics and clinical considerations related to the concept of splinting teeth and implants in the rehabilitation of partial edentulism. The paper assessed all the published clinical, laboratory, and finite element studies. The paper found that, although surrounded with some controversy, joining teeth and implants during the rehabilitation of partial edentulism provides the clinicians with more treatment options where proprioception and bone volume are maintained and distal cantilevers and free end saddles are eliminated. It makes the treatment less complex, of less cost, and more acceptable for the patient.