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Jonathan Rhodes Lee

Presentation: Jonathan Rhodes Lee

Jun 16, 2017

Jonathan Rhodes Lee (Music) presented his research on George Frideric Handel's oratorio Joseph and His Brethren at the prestigious Hallische Händel-Festspiele (Halle Handel Festival). Each year, an international group of Handel specialists gathers in Halle, the city of the composer's birth, to share research on a given theme. This year's conference, titled "Zwischen Originalgenie und Plagiator: Händels komositorische Methode und ihre Deutungen" (Between Original Genius and Plagiarizer: Handel's Compositional Methods and their Meanings), focused on Handel's borrowing practices. Lee's presentation discovered a close relationship between Händel's Joseph and Antonio Caldara's Giuseppe that had been hitherto unnoted in scholarly literature. This research will be published in the 2018 edition of the Händel Jahrbuch, a German journal overseen by the Georg Friedrich Händel Gesellschaft and Bärenreiter press.