Notable: John Starkey and Erica Shelton

John Starkey and Erica Shelton (both Business) were instrumental in Starkey's spring BUS 103 class, Business Connections/First Year Seminar, raising $4,054.66 for the National Children's Cancer Society. Shelton, a freshmen business student, took charge and led the class of 21 students in its fundraising efforts. The students hosted tables around campus, spreading awareness and raising money for the cause. In addition, they hosted a fundraising event at Mandalay Bay and also raised funds individually. At the beginning of the semester, the students chose the charity for which it wanted to raise money.

According to the is charity's website, since 1987 it has helped more than 40,000 children with cancer and their families by:

  • Providing ongoing emotional support
  • Distributing more than $63 million in financial assistance
  • Educating thousands of survivors and their families with its educational resources

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